Parcel drop off and Collection points – making your courier delivery experience easier


Parcel drop off and Collection points – making your courier delivery experience easier

Ever had the experience of waiting for a courier pick up or delivery, and waiting, and waiting…

PACK & SEND parcel Drop off & collection pointThankfully, there are ways to avoid that happening to you ever again.

Today, courier companies do exist that give you more choices and options when either receiving courier parcel deliveries or indeed sending parcels.

Respected courier and freight reseller PACK & SEND is one example. They have ‘time saving’ courier delivery options as a result of a nationwide footprint of convenient retail locations that offer a parcel drop off service or a parcel collection service.

Parcel Drop off points

As well as providing courier pick up from your door, some courier companies also give you the added option of simply dropping off your parcel at a nearest retail service centre, whenever you’re ready.

This parcel drop off service is useful to anyone – even small businesses and e-tailers. For example, many eBay seller customers of PACK & SEND choose to drop off their daily parcel shipments at their local PACK & SEND outlet – particularly if they operate their business from home or a small office.  No more waiting and wondering when the delivery guy will show up to collect your parcels.  Just drop them off and get on with your day!

Business people are also increasingly mobile and therefore a convenient parcel drop off service is an excellent solution for companies who have employees 'on the road' who need to send things. A drop off point can also be useful when your business has an urgent parcel that needs to be sent by a courier service, but you are unable to have it ready in time to meet the courier company’s only available pick up time from your office location.

Remember also, if you want to save time, one of the most important considerations in choosing a parcel drop off point is to ensure they have no long queues!

 Parcel Collection points

Receivers of parcels are also offered equal convenience. Whilst some customers may prefer delivery to their door, others want the option of having the parcel delivered to an alternative delivery point.

For e-tailers, it’s important your customers have a more enjoyable shopping experience without the hassle of missed deliveries. Many of us simply aren’t at home during the day to receive and sign for deliveries.  That’s why it is good customer service to give them the option of an alternative delivery point to securely receive packages. Your customers are then in a position to pick up their parcel at a convenient location at a time that suits them.

PACK & SEND for example has a convenient ‘Hold for Collection’ service that allows customers to select the option of parcel delivery to a PACK & SEND Service Centre located near the recipients address. Once the parcel arrives at the PACK & SEND centre, a notification email is sent to the recipient and they can then simply drop in & pick up the parcel at any time during opening hours.

Making life easier

The simple and easy way to send courier parcels is to make sure you choose a provider that gives you more choice and solutions.

Those courier companies that have a wide and accessible network of retail service centres throughout the country are simply able to deliver more convenient options to you – making far better use of your time – and that of your customers!


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