PACK & SEND Hawthorn delivers the gold for Cobram Estate!


PACK & SEND Hawthorn delivers the gold for Cobram Estate!


You've no doubt heard of wine tasting, but what about olive oil tasting? in 2021, Australia’s largest premium olive oil producer, Cobram Estate Olives, had big plans to bring olive oil tasting to the masses by organising the world’s largest olive oil tasting ever.

To bring their plan to reality, they needed to ensure delivery of up to 20,000 premium olive oil tasting kits to as many locations, by October 28, 2021. As you can imagine, the logistics of executing such a large task would be quite demanding. To ensure they could pull it off successfully, Cobram Estate Olives made the wise decision to team up with Australia’s best-rated courier, shipping, and packing experts, PACK & SEND.

PACK & SEND Hawthorn Franchise Owners, Heath, and Helen Dawson, were approached by Cobram Estate in Mid-July with the request to package and deliver every tasting kit parcel. Due to the significance of the Guinness World Record attempt for the biggest virtual olive oil tasting, every order had to be packed on schedule and delivered on time.

PACK & SEND has a long history of executing and delivering these sorts of jobs. When it absolutely, positively must be delivered on time, accept no substitutes. As Australia’s leading parcel and freight reseller, PACK & SEND can offer very competitive rates for more carriers and service options than anyone else in the Australian market. As a result, we offer the best combination of price and delivery speed, to suit the customer’s budget and deadlines.   In addition, our attention to detail and laser focus on customer’s needs means that time and again we successfully demonstrate our ability to satisfy the client's demands to deliver safely and on time.

The Process

140 pallets of separate components have been delivered to PACK & SEND Hawthorn to be kitted, packaged, and shipped to the virtual tasting event participants. True to form, the expert team from PACK & SEND pulled out all the stops and made it all happen in under 6 weeks.

Cobram Estate Photo 2

The unloading of raw products commenced on the 8th of September with the assembly of 20,000 tasting kits into specially constructed shipping boxes. The numerous olive oil tasting bottles were made of glass, so custom-made shipping boxes were used to ensure that the glass would not be broken during transit. The small but hardworking team from PACK & SEND Hawthorn was able to output almost 500 tasting kits per day. Whilst it may appear to be extremely challenging to package a high number of products daily, here at PACK & SEND we love a challenge, and meeting our customer's needs is at the core of our ‘No Limits’ values!

While the team from Cobram Estate were hard at work promoting and preparing for the Live streaming of the World Record attempt, the PACK & SEND Hawthorn team was up to the challenge of fulfilling the orders of tasting kits for everyone who registered for the event. Between the 8th of Sep and the 18th of October, we were successfully delivering up to 3000 olive oil tasting kits per week.

Without a doubt, the team from Cobram Estate was glad they outsourced this critical logistics task, saving themselves countless hours of their precious time so it could be better spent focused on the Guinness World Record virtual event, and leaving all the logistics to PACK & SEND trained specialists.

Cobram Estate Photo 4

The outcome of the Cobram Estate Go for Gold virtual taste tasting

On Thursday, 28 October 2021, all the tasting kits had been well and truly delivered, and Cobram Estate successfully set a NEW Guinness World Record, for the biggest olive oil tasting ever!

Previously the largest olive oil tasting record was set in 2009, in the Spanish city of Jaen, where 12,909 people attended.

“We wanted to do something that would bring people together and show that Aussies are World beaters at every level. We are ecstatic to have set a new World Record and want to thank everyone who joined us for what was a really fun night” Leandro Ravetti co-CEO and Chief Oil Maker.

Heath and Helen Dawson, along with many other members of the PACK & SEND team enjoyed participating in the live streamed virtual tasting World Record Event and were extremely proud to have played a key role in making it happen!

At PACK & SEND, our customer’s needs, priorities, and deadlines mean as much to us as they do to you, the client. We think and act as an extension of our client’s business.

PACK & SEND are here to take the stress and effort of logistics projects off your shoulders!

We recognise that your staff’s time is too important to be spent packing boxes, and your office space is too valuable to store cumbersome packaging supplies. We exist to enable you to focus on your core business while entrusting the logistics to us. PACK & SEND are always here to help you find the optimum solution for your packing and shipping requirements.


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