PACK & SEND Business Scholarship Winner Announced


PACK & SEND Business Scholarship Winner Announced

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Congratulations to Mathew Holt of Western Sydney University for being awarded the PACK & SEND Business Scholarship 2017!

As a local franchise business, PACK & SEND is committed to giving back to the community. We help students invest in their future by offering a Business Scholarship to those enrolled in a Logistics or Business degree. The Scholarship prize is a $1,500 Westfield voucher to go towards university-related expenses.

To enter, students were requested to submit 200 words on why they deserve the Scholarship prize. The winner of the Business Scholarship was selected by a panel of judges based on the most inspiring, creative, and well-articulated entry.

The winning entry was submitted by Mathew Holt of Western Sydney University, and he was awarded the Business Scholarship at PACK & SEND Campbelltown yesterday. We sat down with him to discuss his plans...

What are you studying?

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business, with a major in Marketing and a minor in International Business, focusing on Trade. I have also studied abroad in Chile as part of my degree.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I have a strong interest in marketing-related activities and logistics operations, and have studied and worked in both fields. I currently work part-time as a Marketing Intern and have worked in an entry-level role in the logistics industry. Upon graduating, I hope to gain a position where I can apply my entry-level experience with my theoretical knowledge to develop my career. My goal is to obtain a marketing role within the logistics industry.

Is it a good time to be working in the logistics industry and why?

Logistics is definitely a booming industry in Australia and there is great potential for career growth within the industry at the moment. With the entrance of Amazon and an increasing demand in warehousing and supply chain solutions, the coming years will be an exciting time for the industry!

How has your experience juggling work and studying been?

It definitely hasn't been easy! I have a 40-hour week at uni, and work part-time too. I've found that the key lies in time management. As long as I'm organised in terms of managing my schedule, achieving balance is possible!

How do you plan to spend your $1,500 Westfield voucher?

I plan to put it towards kick-starting my career! I have currently relocated due to work and study, and have a HECS debt for my studies. As I graduate next year, the $1,500 will help me overcome the cost of being a student, helping me concentrate on my career goals and education.

My university has accepted me to attend an excursion to China that focuses on marketing and logistics in the Pacific region. $750 will go towards financing my excursion.

The rest will go towards getting an iPad for my studies. Having an iPad has been fundamental to helping with my Capstone research project... mine stopped working 9 months ago and I've been meaning to replace it since. With this Scholarship prize, I will finally be able to buy a new iPad for uni!


PACK & SEND wishes Mathew the very best for the rest of his degree. His commitment towards his studies is inspirational, and he is fully deserving of this Business Scholarship award. Congratulations once again Mathew!



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