Organising Events with PACK & SEND


Organising Events with PACK & SEND



What do events, product launches, and exhibitions have in common? They require flexible and reliable logistics solutions! Arranging logistics is one of the key components determining an event’s success. Who will be responsible for getting the featured products and event equipment to the venue? Will they deliver on time? Are they able to handle fragile goods properly? Are they flexible and able to adapt to last minute changes? PACK & SEND Balmain has a proven track record of collaborating with event companies to deliver logistics solutions for successful events.


Paul from PACK & SEND Balmain shares with us a couple of client experiences.


The Spaceship

The Spaceship is an event and brand launch agency that regularly uses PACK & SEND Balmain. They recently had a launch campaign for the new Samsung 55” and 65” OLED TVs. Over a period of 4 weeks, in each capital city, they held an intimate industry dinner for around 50-100 resellers. They had to send 10 large flat screen TVs, TV stands, and plinths around the country, on a tight schedule.


The Spaceship's launch campaign started in Sydney, and PACK & SEND Balmain was responsible for collecting, delivering, and retrieving all the TVs and equipment from the first show, then taking them to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, and finally back to Sydney. On each occasion, PACK & SEND coordinated the “bump in” after business hours the night before the event, and “bump out” at 11pm after the event.


The Spaceship has also employed PACK & SEND Balmain for the launch of the X-Box Academy at the Microsoft flagship store in Sydney’s Pitt St. Later this month, PACK & SEND will be delivering gift bags over the 2-week promotion period.


Creative Concepts Designs

Creative Concepts Designs (CCD) is an exhibition stand designer, manufacturer, installer, and de-installer, that has been a long-term customer. PACK & SEND Balmain is the go-to freight provider for all their events around Australia and in New Zealand.  Managing Partner, Joanne Slattery, has often exclaimed, “What would we do without PACK & SEND?!”


PACK & SEND Balmain takes sole responsibility for their various freight requirements which are often critical to their shows and therefore very urgent.


For their recent Annual Gaming Expo, PACK & SEND Balmain were tasked with collecting goods from CCD’s Kennards storage unit, collecting goods from their offices, receiving goods from their suppliers at the PACK & SEND Balmain service centre, and even purchasing items on their behalf.  Paul and his team drove to the Harvey Norman Auburn store one afternoon to buy 8 Ottomans and delivered them to the International Convention Centre within 2 hours before the start of the event!


At PACK & SEND, there are no limits to what we can do. No matter what your circumstance, we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile or think outside of the box to find a logistics solution for you! Find out more about how we can help with your next event here:  


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