Flying Melissa Zimmerman's Wings


Flying Melissa Zimmerman's Wings

Melissa-Zimmerman-Competition-1.jpgMelissa Zimmerman is an Aussie World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Diva Fitness Model who has devoted her life to coaching and competing in the WBFF Fitness and Fashion events. The WBFF offer the best of the best in Muscle Model, Figure Model, Diva Bikini Model and Diva Fitness Model, as they compete for the richest title in the sport to earn “Pro Status”.

Melissa has achieved great individual success, with accolades ranging from Oxygen Magazine’s First Australian Cover Girl, Top 5 WBFF Fitness Diva World’s 2014, Former Pro Status Fitness Model 2005, to over 10 National and International 1st Place Holder awards. 

Melissa has used her talent, hard work, and dedication to train high profile contestants like WBFF Pro Bikini Diva Kristie Ireland. She is also a published fitness writer for some of the world’s top fitness magazines, hosts workshops leading into all Australian WBFF shows and is a WBFF Australia backstage manager.

PACK & SEND Penrith has been around for three years, and Melissa has been a client for over two. She has been sending her feather theme wear pieces to various locations when competing interstate and internationally. Melissa began as a walk-in customer at the Penrith store when she first needed assistance sending fragile wings overseas. Now, two years later, PACK & SEND is still her go-to courier service! 

Melissa's theme wear wings need to arrive at the location in perfect condition, ready for competition. The fragile nature of the wings means the PACK & SEND team must take utmost care when packing them. Through experience and creative brainstorming, the team were able to wrap Melissa’s theme wear wings safely.They decided that the delicate item had to be secured to a light base, to prevent it from moving during transit. Shipping the wings without damaging the shape and form is the hardest aspect, but the team always manages to find a way around it!Melissa-Zimmerman-Competition-2.jpg

“Always amazing! My feather theme wear pieces are so fragile and PACK & SEND look after them perfectly! Taking care of every aspect -- from the beginning when they are dropped off at Penrith, right to the end when they are collected in USA. I would never trust anyone else with my theme wear!” says Melissa.

PACK & SEND provides a comprehensive range of packing and shipping services, which means Melissa only deals with one company no matter where she sends her costumes. 

Over the years, Melissa has competed all around in the world, including Las Vegas, where she finished Top 5 in the WBFF Fitness Diva Worlds in 2014.  Due to PACK & SEND’s wide range of international shipping options, Melissa could ship her theme wear wings easily and efficiently. The feather wings arrived safely and helped her secure a fantastic finish!


Have a delivery issue? PACK & SEND will figure out a solution for you! Hop on to to see how we can help!

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