Mission Impossible: Beyond the call of duty


Mission Impossible: Beyond the call of duty


The first time Scott and Michelle Ramsey of Pack & Send St Kilda Road, Melbourne, was asked to deliver 340 tubs of ice cream across Australia and New Zealand in one day … they thanked their lucky stars for the Pack & Send Store Connect system.

Allowing Pack & Send stores throughout the nation to assist each other with particularly tricky jobs, Scott says the system has proved its worth, every time.

‘However, sometimes you’ll get a slip up from an area you never would have expected…’ One year, after having used the system for a client who’d come to depend on Pack & Send, Scott and his team were let down by the client’s supplier located in Perth, who promised the ice cream was on its way but was unable to deliver.

When Scott relayed the bad news, he heard his client’s despair and really wanted to help him out as the ice cream run was now a hugely anticipated event. So, Scott was on the first flight over to Sydney to try and sort things out, rustling up a friend who’d lived in the area for urgent navigational advice.

After taking on the problem, Scott now found himself on a mission; one way or the other he was going to make sure his client’s customers got their ice creams and that they got them on time.

Two hours later, says Scott, we were in a cold goods warehouse begging the manager for any ice creams he had. ‘I think he must have seen the sheer desperation in my eyes because after numerous phone calls he somehow managed to round up all the ice creams from another supplier.’

And so, after accepting the offered 1-litre ice cream cups instead of the usual 5-litre tubs, Scott personally delivered them to each of his client’s Sydney customers – and the run lived on for another year!

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