How to manage a productive eBay store


How to manage a productive eBay store

Setting up an eBay store has long been a way to make a bit of extra money, but the way many people go about it is cumbersome and ineffective. By making a few small tweaks, your store could be a lot more productive.

Do your research
If you want to make money on eBay, you need to know about the marketplace. Finding out simple things like the going rate for your product, parcel delivery costs, effective keywords and what sort of supply and demand there is will all affect how you should sell your items.

Automate listing creation
For small stores you may want to individually craft your listings, especially at the start ebaywhile you're still learning. However, once you get the hang of it you can save time and effort with a free program like Turbo Lister. This will let you save old listings, upload items in bulk and let you edit any products before they go live.

Using a scheduling system to get auctions to go online at the best time can also help boost your selling prices.

Optimise photos
Having a library of images you use on a regular basis will help speed things up, and you'll likely find that having more images will help with sales. While you may believe that having top-quality photos is best, eBay will only accept images of a certain size, so it's better to change your camera settings to XGA resolution (1024x768) to save time resizing them on your computer.

Set up an office space
If you're running your eBay store from home, it's best to treat it like a real office. Set up a desk with parcel delivery and packaging materials and internet connection and do all your work from there – without the distractions of the TV, other people or household chores. When you're focused you'll see that you can do the work far quicker.

Analyse your products
Installing an analytics app to your store can help improve listings and see where you've gone wrong. You'll be able to see the visibility of your products, the clicks you receive, how many people watch your items and, ultimately, the percentage who actually bid or buy from you.

By taking more care and more pride in your eBay store, and treating it more as a business than a thing on the side, you can soon make things more streamlined, more efficient and more profitable.

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