How to Grow Your Import Business


How to Grow Your Import Business

 If you’re in the import business, it's likely you have or will need to grapple with issues regarding stock procurement, storage, distribution and delivery to your customers. Each of these areas can be a mine-field of their own when you are starting out or expanding to accommodate your business growth.  What is the best way to bring in your stock from overseas?  Where do you store your product once you've started to outgrow your available space? Whats the best way to deliver product to customers?

Cargo import airplane

You may be surprised to learn that there are scalable solutions for outsourcing:

  1. Import Services
  2. Outsourced warehousing
  3. Inventory management & order fulfilment
  4. Distribution & shipping services

PACK & SEND are the freight and packaging specialists of the logistics world.  We provide one-stop-shop solutions for businesses and individuals.  By working with us, start-up  & import businesses can get access to on-demand logistics expertise and infrastructure that meets your immediate needs with ongoing scope for growth.

Depending on your needs, you can choose to use a single service or the whole suite.

Import Servicesimport container ship

Regulations, customs requirements, middlemen, paperwork and so many other details can turn the process of importing goods into a complex procedure. PACK & SEND can change all that. We can collect from any part of the globe and take care of everything for you.

For importing where time is not critical, sea freight delivery of heavyweight or bulky items from overseas can be done very economically. Transit times by sea freight from any international destination is approximately 5 to 14 weeks depending on the port of despatch.

More urgent imports are brought in by air and can arrive in as little as a day or two, depending on the locations involved.  Speed is not the only benefit of importing by air.  You might be surprised to find how affrodable it can be to import by air

Import services are tailored to suit your needs and can also include the unloading of containers.

Outsourced Warehousing

Outsourced warehousing will give you access to a cost-effective way of simply managing your storage.

By warehousing  your imports through a PACK & SEND Logistics Service Centre, we can take care of all aspects such as pick up from port, unloading containers, and packing fulfilment.  Not only will you save yourself an invaluable amount of time, you will also be able to redirect your focus on the sale of your products.

Ask us about PACK & SEND Live Pro+ 

Inventory Management and Order FulfilmentImport Warehousing

In addition to import collections from port and storage, PACK & SEND offer services to manage your inventory and take directions to pick and pack for order fulfilment.  This can include assembly of product and plastic wrapping (heat-sealed or shrink wrapping). This is then followed by them freighting to the required destinations.

Distribution Services

We can take car of all aspects of your distribution needs.  Sending pallets or individual consumer orders can then be sent by us to any destination within Australia or around the world.

Importing your goods needn’t be the nightmare it may seem.

From beginning to end, the process can be tailored to meet your businesses specific needs. By entrusting your logistics to the experts at PACK & SEND, you can finally get down to what you’re best at and grow your import business!

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