5 Great Gifts to Send Clients


5 Great Gifts to Send Clients

What makes the perfect gift for a client? There are a few elements to consider. Relevance to the individual receiving being of the greatest importance. Show this client that you honestly care for and value their business. Impress them with the thought and effort that has clearly gone into the gift. Go to the extra effort or spend the extra money now, and build a relationship that will benefit you in the long run. To make a real, lasting impression, gifts  with the company logo or something your business produces are out of the question.

So, what are some great gift ideas? 

A Membership or Subscription

A Membership can be great gifts to send clients. Get the recipient a membership they would never usually buy, but would be more than happy to have. Maybe your client is physically active, loves sport but has never tried yoga, try a membership to a yoga studio. Think about what he or she may be interested in, maybe they have mentioned it before? Memberships can be expensive, so don’t go all out with a year. Try a shorter 3-month membership.

Subscriptions are also a great idea. Magazines are common but work very well. There is a broad selection, enabling you to find something suitable for any client. There will be a constant reminder each month about your gift when the magazine turns up. Otherwise, think outside the norm, many health and beauty subscription services send products monthly. This could be shaving utensils or lotions and moisturisers.

An Experience

An experience is anything but boring. Good chance that your client has never received a gift of this nature. Try to make sure it’s a passion or hobby of your client they might have mentioned previously. A hot lap in a sports car, swimming with sharks, a flight in a fighter jet, or even a cooking class with a celebrity chef. This experience will resonate with the client, especially if you have made your decision based on your client’s interests. Clients and referrals can define the success of your business and taking them out on a great day can improve this relationship. Doing this may sound expensive; however, it doesn’t have to be. Sites like RedBalloon offer discounted experiential gifts split up into categories.

An Impulsive Gift

Without expectation or any idea, send your client a gift. An impulse gift can be the most meaningful and sincere; they should be used more often than not. As an example, you could give a regular customer at your café a coffee to say thank you for their business. Obviously, this is just an example; you should think on a bigger scale, consider something that will pleasantly surprise them.

A Thoughtful Book

A well-considered book, or a relevant subject to the recipient can be useful regarding sentimental value. Obviously, this gift doesn’t sound as flashy as the others, but your client may not be flashy. You may have a client who can appreciate a gift of this nature. eBooks are not on the same level in terms of memorability and meaningfulness as a beautiful physical copy of a classic book. An eBook is not tangible and may be forgotten quickly. A beautifully printed book will need to be protected in the mail, courier and freight experts like PACK & SEND can deliver gifts quickly and without damage.

Pet Related Gifts

If your client has a pet, chances are they adore their furry friend. Maybe they have shown you a photo. Services like Olly’s Box can be great gifts to send clients. These companies send treats, toys and more goodies for your client’s pooch on a subscription basis.  A luxury collar or accessory will also be an incredible gift for your client and their pet.

There’s just 5 great gifts you can send to your favourite clients! We’re sure there’s more ideas out there, what have you sent to your clients? Let us know in the comments below.


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