Simple steps for expanding your online retail business internationally


Simple steps for expanding your online retail business internationally

man packing online retail parcelThere’s never been a better time to expand your online retail (e-tail) or eBay business internationally. With the growth of the global e-commerce landscape and a change in shopping habits, e-tailers of all sizes are discovering the many lucrative opportunities that come with global expansion.

PACK & SEND explains how to make the world your (e-tail) oyster with a few simple steps.

Recognise the best market for your product

A product that sells well in your home country may not necessarily have the same appeal overseas, so it's crucial to invest time and energy into researching potential new markets.

There’s no need to ship everywhere – you can start with one international market like China or the US and take it from there. It’s also worth looking at your product and investigating whether it’s something that’s in demand in other markets. For example, if you’re selling cake decorating tools, you’ll want to market them to a country where baking is popular or where cake shows and competitions are really taking off. You can reach any market with the right logistics services, but you first need to confirm that your target customers actually exist where you’re intending to expand.

Seek help and advice

Creating a strong international presence is not as simple as telling your customers you ship overseas and then waiting for the sales to roll in – there are many different elements that need to be considered.

Asking the right questions and learning about how others have successfully expanded internationally will leave you less susceptible to error or ‘freight fright.’

Got a question about a courier service? You won’t have to look too far for the answer. Forums like eBay’s community forum and websites targeted at e-tailers like Trust Pilot are a fantastic way to self-educate from a community of people who can speak from experience, and are often a first step for anyone looking to expand their businesses.

 Ask return customers to share testimonials or reviews

Thanks to the internet, “word-of-mouth” advertising for e-tailers is powerful and long-lasting. When an infinite number of reviewers can share their opinions online, there is huge potential for exposure and increased business.

By highlighting your success in your existing market you’re able to grow trust amongst a new market. Consumers will be more likely to buy from you if you can prove a positive track record, and who better to ask to back you up than your existing loyal customers?

Don’t let your customers get caught off guard

Shipping calculators are the easiest way to let a customer know the cost of international shipping and getting their product from A to B, without catching them off guard at the payment page and leading to an abandoned cart or site bounce.

Trust is at the heart of any successful business, and building customer trust comes down to service, consistency and transparency. PACK & SEND offers a real-time postage calculator to eBay sellers through their PowerSender tools, giving customers instant and accurate parcel delivery prices for their order, making their courier and freight experience as simple and transparent as possible.    

  1. Be organised!

When you’re operating in a bigger market, you’re likely to receive a greater number of orders so it pays to have an organised structure in place to handle all the logistics associated with selling online. PACK & SEND’s PowerSender functionality makes this a breeze, with logistics solutions to manage contacts and addresses, repeat business and shipment history so you can stay on top of all of your new deliveries.

Taking the plunge into international waters and expanding your e-tail business doesn’t have to be an up-hill battle. With smart planning and a little work building on what’s already in place, you’ll be reaping the benefits of a new market in no time.

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