Top 5 best things to send in a COVID-19 Care Package


Top 5 best things to send in a COVID-19 Care Package

Grandmother delighted to open a care packageAs the world strives to overcome the coronavirus pandemic with social isolation, its more important than ever to keep connecting with friends and family members. One way to keep spirits afloat is to send them a good old-fashioned care package.

Everyone loves to receive a parcel delivery containing gifts and pleasant surprises. So, if you want to make a difference to a special person, it may be time to start filling that care package! Here are PACK & SEND’s top 5 ideas for things to send to people you care for, to help them get through COVID-19, and spread some joy.

  1. Essentials

Lets start with the basics.  Everyone needs food, health and hygiene products at this time, so if you’ve got more supplies than you need, send them out as care packages.  Non-perishable and staple foods such as rice, pasta, flour and canned goods are great options to help keep bellies full.  Soap is probably the most important hygiene product, followed by gloves, surgical and N95 face masks and hand sanitiser.  As we are approaching winter, things like warm clothing, warm blankets or even heaters to keep warm could be a good care package inclusion too.  Keep in mind that many of these essential items can be heavy, so make sure you pack everything well, inside a heavy-duty, double layer cardboard box, and keep the total weight of each box under 30kgs if possible.

  1. Wine

At a time when we can’t go out to socialise and enjoy ourselves, a good drop of wine can still be one of life’s simple pleasures at home.  When sending things such as fragile glass bottles, PACK & SEND has some great specialty packaging for wine to ensure it is well protected inside the box so it will get there safely.

  1. Hampers

Why not send a personalised selection of delicious goodies?  Such as:

  • a basket of foods you know they
  • a selection of your favourite treats.

A great twist to make it even more enjoyable is to buy a two of each item, send one to them and keep one for yourself and then get on a video call and enjoy the taste sensations together?  PACK & SEND offers a hamper packing service whether you’re sending one hamper, a few, or even hundreds, ask about our packing services and let us take care of everything.

  1. Books

We all have our favourite books that mean a lot to us for various reasons.  At a time when we can’t even go to the public library, why not send a selection of books from your personal collection for the reading pleasure of people you care about.  Ask them to do the same thing for you, and you can be one another’s library! Later, you can share your thoughts on the shared books over a phone call or video chat.

  1. Fitness/Sports Gear

Many of us are feeling the loss of our favourite physical activities such as visiting the gym, public swimming pool, or playing team sport, to name just a few.  If your loved ones don’t have much in the way of home exercise equipment, why not send them some?  PACK & SEND can literally send anything, anywhere, so if you want to splurge and send them an entire home gym set, we can definitely help with that, but as most of us are on limited budgets right now, what about things like yoga mats, fitness balls, foam rollers and resistance bands that can be enjoyed indoors without taking up too much space?

So there you have it, PACK & SEND’s top 5 ideas for what to send in care packages.  Don’t forget, as an essential service provider, PACK & SEND is still open for business - sending around Australia and Worldwide.  Get a quote for your care package parcel today by calling 1300 668 000 or

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