5 Best Fleet Management Software on the Market Today


5 Best Fleet Management Software on the Market Today

Once exclusive to large companies, fleet management is now embraced by businesses of every size. Whether it's a compact eCommerce brand with a handful of delivery vans or a nationwide courier business, the demand for top-notch fleet management solutions is evident.

Thanks to data-driven logistics management, continuous fleet tracking is now possible. This transformation allows your company to evolve into an optimised, customer-centric, safe, and eco-friendly entity by leveraging fleet management systems offering new data visibility.

If you're in the market for the best fleet management software, keep reading. Below, we review the five best vehicle fleet management software of 2024 to simplify your decision-making process. 

Vehicle fleet management is different for everyone, so there are key selection criteria that you'll need to know. We also recommend pairing this with our guide to fleet management

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management involves monitoring fleet vehicles' and other assets' location and condition. Whether you're managing a small business fleet or a larger one, you must have insights into the vehicles' locations, performance, and appropriate usage. 

Managing the entire life cycle of assets, mitigating risks, enhancing fleet efficiency and productivity, and ensuring compliance with regulations are integral aspects of effective fleet management.

A well-rounded fleet management solution gives fleet managers a live dashboard to handle performance and maintenance, keeping fleet operations smooth. Best fleet management tracking software tracks all aspects of your fleet and alerts you when action is needed. The proactive approach helps you address issues before they get prohibitively expensive. 

Top 11 Functions of a Fleet Management Solution

Quality fleet management software acts like a helpful assistant, gathering data from vehicles and other sources and presenting crucial data in an organised manner to the user. The user's goal is to use data effectively and enhance fleet operations.

It's designed to support fleet managers in improving fleet operations across different areas. Let's explore the fundamental ways vehicle fleet management can make a positive impact:

1. Fleet Management Tracking in Real-time

GPS fleet management and telematic devices allow businesses to track vehicles in real-time, optimising route planning.

2. Maintenance Management

Fleet maintenance management software ensures regular maintenance checks and timely repairs to keep vehicles in optimal condition. Minimises downtime and extends vehicle lifespan.

3. Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Fleet fuel management system tracks fuel consumption. Implements strategies to reduce costs by optimising routes and identifying fuel-efficient vehicles.

4. Driver Performance

Involves tracking, training, and monitoring driver performance. Promotes safe driving practices, enhances productivity, and improves customer service.

5. Regulatory Compliance Management

Ensures vehicles and drivers comply with legal and regulatory requirements, including safety regulations, emissions standards, and driver hours-of-service rules.

6. Vehicle Utilisation

Assesses vehicle usage to identify underutilised assets and optimise vehicle allocation based on demand.

7. Cost Control

Helps control operating costs and budgets by analysing data and identifying opportunities for cost savings.

8. Safety Policies

Implementation of safety policies, tracking driver behaviour, and conducting safety training. Minimises the risk of accidents and ensures public safety.

9. Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal

Handles the acquisition and disposal of vehicles. Ensures new purchases meet company needs and old vehicles are retired or sold appropriately.

10. Data Analytics

Uses data analytics to generate reports and insights. Offers a comprehensive view of fleet performance, costs, and compliance.

11. Inventory management

Simplifies inventory management, whether fleet-related assets required for maintenance or products for delivery. Ensure efficient allocation and usage. 

What Are the Benefits of a Basic Fleet Management Software?

Best vehicle fleet management software offers tangible results for your fleet operations. 

Some of the benefits of a fleet management system are—

  • Improved fleet safety by monitoring and recording poor driving behaviour.

  • Enhanced fleet efficiency by managing routes, reducing vehicle downtime, and detecting fuel-wasting behaviours.

  • Real-time fleet insights for decision-making with an instant impact on fleet performance. 

  • Fleet management tracking software reports clearly show each vehicle's cost, enabling necessary adjustments.

  • Real-time delivery updates for precise location details and expected arrival times while addressing any issues or delays.

  • Fleet management telematics may lead to insurance incentives, as it signals a reduced chances of accidents and an improved safety record.

  • Fraud prevention by detecting and preventing driver fraud, with the help of data-driven conclusions, even in cases of accidental or intentional actions.

  • GPS fleet management helps address maintenance issues promptly for extended vehicle lifespan. 

  • Organised documentation avoids regulatory fines and supports compliance with concise policies for fleet managers and drivers.

How Do You Choose the Best Fleet Management Software?

Finding the best fleet management program can be overwhelming, with so many options out there. Not all of them cover all your data needs in one go. Look for the one that offers unique features to handle everything in your operation. 

When finalising the best vehicle fleet management software, make sure it's got these core features—

1. GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

It's an essential feature of the GPS fleet management system. Once installed on your vehicles, you can access their real-time location and movement. Most fleet management platforms let you do this through the driver's phone.

2. Fleet Alarm System

A fleet alarm system keeps you in the loop about any issues with your vehicles. It's essential for tackling fleet challenges fast. Your fleet management solution should let you customise alarms based on your needs — like keeping an eye on speeding or monitoring the temperature for sensitive goods. 

3. Driver Management

Best online fleet management software has a nifty feature to monitor and analyse how your drivers handle the road. The driving behaviour analysis features allow you to analyse parameters like acceleration, harsh braking, speeding, and over-idling. 

4. Fuel Management

This operation management module is your go-to when choosing the fleet fuel management system. The chosen software should let you track fuel levels 24/7 and monitor how often vehicles refuel or get drained. It also calculates the average fuel consumption for each vehicle over time. 

5. Route Planning

Route optimisation should analyse past performance and let you keep tabs on how routes are going, helping you make smart fleet decisions, cut down on fuel use, and boost productivity. 

6. Software Integration

The fleet management solution must connect fleets with all other business activities. That's why you should be able to integrate it with tools like —

Obviously, you want your fleet management system to have the above essential functionalities.  

But how do you choose the best fleet management program for your business? 

Consider the following criteria: 

1. Ease of Use: Prioritise software with easy onboarding and strong customer support.

2. Total Cost: Evaluate initial purchase and ongoing fees, including extras like licensing.

3. Must-Have Options: Ensure essential features are included in the package price.

4. Software Design: Check user base and design to see if it fits your business type and size.

5. Visibility and Collaboration: Look for the ability to collaborate in real-time through software and mobile apps.

6. Scalability: It should be scalable to cater to your fleet's specific needs.

7. Automation: Check if you can automate fleet operations and data collection.

8. Reporting: Consider software that analyses and interprets data for you to present flexible and configurable reports.

9. Integration: Ensure it integrates with top telematics devices and fuel cards and provide Maintenance Shop Integration. 

10. Performance Metrics: Seek the capability to measure real-time performance metrics to find areas of improvement.

11. ROI: The best fleet management software will help you generate and maximise your fleet's ROI.

The 5 Best Fleet Management Software for 2024

1. Motive

Stand out Features

Driver Safety: AI dashcam offers real-time driver coaching and accurate accident detection. The fleet management solution achieves an 86% alert rate, signalling events in just 9.4 seconds.

Tracking and Telematics: You can get real-time visibility into your vehicles' location, usage, and health, assets, drivers, and equipment. 

ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Compliance: Use its automated compliance management features to optimise drive time and minimise violations. 

Spend Management: Motive card integration into fleet management offers a complete view of your business, aiding in savings and operational efficiency. 



Perfectly integrated hardware and software.

Challenging to get clear upfront pricing.

Round-the-clock customer support.

Some customer service complaints regarding billing issues.

The motive card comes with no fees.

Inaccuracies in automated distance measurements.

User friendly and easy to set up.

Delays in processing refunds.

2. Verizon Connect

Stand out Features

GPS Fleet Tracking: Gain a 360-degree view of fleet operations. Track drivers and access detailed vehicle diagnostics through intuitive dashboards and map integration.

Electric vehicle fleet management: Track your EV fleet in near real-time on a live map. Set low-battery alerts and review reports for enhanced EV fleet utilisation and sustainability.

EOD Compliance: FMCSA compliant for roadside inspection. The app automates monitoring drivers' hours of service (HOS). IFTA compliance, fuel card integration, and manual fuel log available.

Asset Tracking: Streamline management and monitoring of trailers, heavy equipment and other high-value assets.



Scalable and flexible plans. Add or remove features as required.

Some users report poor customer service.

Highly customisable for specific business needs. 

With its numerous features, steep learning curve for new or non-tech-savvy users. 

Diverse mobile apps available for drivers and fleet managers. 

Opaque pricing structure. Have to fill out a questionnaire, wait for an email to know the software cost.

3. Azuga Fleet

Stand out Features

AI Dual-Facing DashCam: Smart detection software and dash cams capture front-facing road events and in-cab driver behaviour.

Field Service Management: Aids field service companies in end-to-end operations management. From vehicle tracking to order and dispatch, streamlines processes.

Driver Rewards and Gamification: Fun competition to encourage drivers to do their best and reward them for their excellent performance. 

Fleet Sustainability: A telematics-enabled program that calculates, tracks, and neutralises carbon emissions across all fleet vehicles.



Extremely easy to use and good user interface.

Pricing lacks transparency. 

Compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. 

Does not offer free or even paid trials. Plus, long-term contract of minimum 36 months. 

24/7 customer service via phone, email, and ticketing, with access to online support documentation.

Slower data refresh rates of 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

4. Samsara

Stand out Features

Transition to EVs: EV suitability function helps you determine which vehicle is best suited for electrification. 

Geofencing: You can define areas as geofences, receiving alerts when parameters are crossed.

Large marketplace and API integrations: Samsara boasts one of the largest third-party marketplaces among GPS systems, offering 75 integrations. Plus, an impressive API lets you integrate your fleet data into other business apps. 



Extremely straightforward onboarding and implementation. 

Finding the phone number on the website for direct representative contact is challenging. 

30-day money-back return period policy for new customers,

The hardware is plug-and-play, not hard-wired. 

Extensive online knowledge base for self-help for customers. 

Many apps on the marketplace require an extra fee.

5. Fleetio

Stand out Features

Fleet Maintenance: Efficiently manage your fleet's upkeep with comprehensive features. Schedule and track preventive maintenance, ensure compliance through electronic vehicle inspections and receive prompt recall alerts. 

Fleet Management: Monitor vehicle and equipment details intelligently, unlocking fuel trend insights and optimising vehicle allocation.

3. Integrations and Collaborations: Endless integration possibilities with developer API. Stay informed on critical tasks with notifications and collaborate seamlessly with your team from anywhere.



The UI is intuitively designed, modern, and attractive. 

Mastering a comprehensive software package like this can be challenging.

Comprehensive features at a budget-friendly price.

The UI looks a bit busy. 

Transparent service without unexpected costs. 

Reports lack visualisations and are rather basic.

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Vehicle Fleet Management Software: Quick Comparison 



Verizon Connect

Azuga Fleet



User Ratings-Ease 

of Use 






User Ratings- Quality

of Support






User Ratings-Ease

of Setup








Vehicle Tracking

Hours Logged

Driver Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Driver Tracking


Vehicle Tracking

Driver Tracking


Automated Footage Upload

Vehicle Tracking

Safety Score

Driver Tracking

Safety Score

Driver's vehicle inspection report



Proof of Delivery


Route Optimisation

Offline Access

Driver's vehicle inspection report

Preventive Maintenance

Driver's vehicle inspection report

Preventive Maintenance

Automated Footage Upload

Offline Access


Preventive Maintenance


Driver Performance


Offline Access

Price From

Must contact for pricing 

Must contact for pricing 

Must contact for pricing

Must contact for pricing

$3.00 per month for Starter plan

Free Trial or Demo

Free trial upon request

30-day risk free trial 

Free trial upon request

Free trial upon request

Free trial upon request

About Our Research

We curated the five best fleet management software by comparing them across various factors. The metrics include fleet management tracking features, ease of use, customer support, and user-friendliness. 

Plus, we incorporated insights from the customer feedback and user ratings sourced from G2.com. We prioritised software with free trials or low-cost plans and full features on lower tiers. 


Choose the best fleet maintenance management software to optimise your fleet for efficiency and performance. Our top 5 picks are Motive, Verizon Connect, Azuga Fleet, Samsara, and Fleetio. Each has unique strengths, catering to diverse fleet needs. Consider your specific requirements and their detailed reviews to find the right fit. 

Logistics Excellence Drives Fleet Efficiency

Efficient logistics is the key to smooth fleet management. When businesses nail route planning, manage inventory well and keep their supply chain responsive, fleet operations run like clockwork. 

Businesses that get this partnership right enjoy streamlined transportation, save costs, and stand out in the market. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What is fleet management software?

Fleet management system is a technological solution designed to help businesses organise, monitor, and optimise their fleet. It provides tools for tracking vehicles, managing maintenance schedules, monitoring driver behaviour, etc. 

2. How does fleet management software work?

Fleet management software works by leveraging GPS and telematics technology. It collects data from fleet vehicles in real time. The data concerns vehicle location, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs. The software then processes this data, providing fleet managers actionable insights to improve operations.

3. What does fleet management software do?

Fleet management software offers a range of functionalities. 

  • Real-time tracking

  • Maintenance scheduling

  • Fuel management

  • Driver performance monitoring,

  • Regulatory compliance management and many more. 

4. What is the best fleet management software?

Determining the best fleet management software depends on specific business needs. Some notable options include Motive, Verizon Connect, Azuga Fleet, Samsara, and Fleetio. Each has its strengths, catering to different aspects of fleet management.

5. How much does fleet management software cost?

The cost of a fleet management solution varies based on factors like the number of vehicles, features required, and the chosen provider. Pricing models can include monthly subscriptions or customised plans. It's common for providers to offer personalised quotes based on the unique needs of each business.

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