A Smashing project for PACK & SEND Milton, Mintt and 'The Block'


A Smashing project for PACK & SEND Milton, Mintt and 'The Block'

When you’ve got one shot at successfully delivering a smashing promotion to contestants on Channel 9’s hit TV show “The Block”, you can’t leave anything to chance.

Luckily, Susan McCrae from Murdifications made the right choice when she called PACK & SEND Milton about a promotion that she was coordinating for Mintt Australia, makers of affordable mobile phones speakers & headphones.

Mintt was running a social promotion involving sending a Mintt smartphone (and a side of Minties) inside a smash cake.  They needed to get each of the smash cakes safely packaged and shipped from Brisbane to each of “The Block” contestants, in five locations around Australia. Vicky Lawler from Brisbane SmashCakes had made the cakes, with Mintt Smartphones and lollies packed inside.

Despite the bespoke nature of the packing and delivery task, it was not a problem at all for Scott, Greg and Julie from PACK & SEND Milton, and they were chosen to complete the job. 

The Packing Process

Upon receiving the smash cakes in a standard cake box, Scott went about re-packing the cakes ready for courier transport.  He carefully wrapped the cakes inside the cake box, ensuring that the cake couldn’t move inside the box (even if tipped upside down).

Milton Packing

The cake boxes were then packed into styrofoam boxes, with ice packs (two per cake) to ensure the chocolate wouldn’t melt in transit, and bubble wrap was used so the cake box couldn’t move inside the Styrofoam.

The Styrofoam boxes were then packed again into PACK & SEND cartons, marked as “fragile” and “this way up” and were consigned on an overnight service, to arrive the following morning.

The Delivery and Reactions

The securely packed smash cakes then arrived at local PACK & SEND Service centres around Australia, ready to be transported the final leg of their journey. Because it was such a special job, the final leg of the journey was to be carried out by five local PACK & SEND franchisees to hand deliver the smash cakes to five “The Block” contestants.

Our Cairns service centre delivered the first cake to Tess and Luke who were very happy to receive the new Mintt phones.

The second cake delivered was to Debbie and Andy in Taree. Matt from PACK & SEND Adamstown collected the package from the TNT depot at 7.00am and drove 180km each way to deliver to the contestants, Debbie was quite surprised to see what was hidden inside.


Peter from PACK & SEND Caulfield delivered the third cake to Mel & Jesse in Melbourne. Because it was such a special delivery, Peter carefully placed the box on the front passenger seat and buckled it in securely with the seat belt. When he arrived, Mel was so excited to see what the mystery delivery was.

Cake number four was for El’ise and Matt. Emma from PACK & SEND Fremantle had the pleasure of delivering it to El’ise, who wanted to wait until the whole family was home before opening the cake together. As you can see, they enjoyed smashing the chocolate smash cake and discovering the phones inside.

Elise and Matt

David from PACK & SEND Surry Hills delivered the final cake for Mark and Mitch in Sydney. David called ahead and arranged to deliver to Mark at work. Mark was so impressed with the attention to detail of the PACK & SEND delivery service as well as the packaging and presentation of the freight.

Using teamwork and our unique StoreConnect capabilities, it was no trouble at all for PACK & SEND to successfully transport and deliver five fragile, temperature sensitive chocolate smash cakes with phones inside to “The Block” contestants scattered across Australia. 

Speaking with Susan Macrae after the job she said, “Thank you for the awesome service and communication regarding the recent innovative way you assisted us in delivering Australia’s most affordable 4G flagship smartphones to contestants of The Block.

The themed smash cakes which contained the new Mintt flagship smartphones for the contestants were designed to show the creativity and appreciation of Mintt. We know that great reactions resulted with the delivery.”

Our firm would like to thank the PACK & SEND Milton team for understanding our needs and for taking the care required to have the deliveries made to The Block contestants. 

Whatever the customer may require, PACK & SEND take pride in being able deliver bespoke logistics solutions to satisfy any requirements. If you have a special project that requires a unique freight solution, talk to PACK & SEND.

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