What are the best courier options for sending Domestic Freight?


What are the best courier options for sending Domestic Freight?

Have you ever wanted to know what are the best courier options available for sending Domestic Freight within Australia? It might sound like a simple question, but it's actually very complex, with hundreds, if not thousands of 'right' answers, depending on factors such as:

  • What are you sending?
  • What is the urgency? (does it need to be there today/tomorrow/next week?)
  • What is the value of the items being shipped? (for high value items, security considerations are paramount).
  • Is it fragile, and if so, is it sufficiently well packed? (Do you have a need for professional packing services?)
  • Are you sending to a business or a residential address?
  • Will someone be there to receive and sign for the delivery?

When sending freight throughout Australia, consignments can travel through a variety of transport modes.  Most courier companies specialise in one or more transport modes, such as Road (via trucks and vans) or Air (via commercial airliners and dedicated cargo planes) and their delivery infrastructure & capabilities may be stronger in certain parts of Australia.

Freight resellers such as PACK & SEND have the great advantage of alliances with a wide range of the best courier companies across Australia, and the world.  Because we send so much freight, we are able to negotiate great rates - and pass on the savings to our customers. This enables us to offer an unrivaled range of freight services and transport solutions, and enhance them with our experience to deliver to our customers a great deal of added value.

With our famous 'No Limits' philosophy, the staff at your local PACK & SEND are able to tailor personalised solutions for each individual customer’s requirements. These timely domestic delivery solutions are available to government, businesses, corporations, and even private customers and households.

Among the types of domestic freight services available are the following:

Road Freight Services

Consignments can be sent through standard and customised courier and road services. A wide choice of options are available to suit your time and budget requirements, including express delivery.

Air Freight Services

With an extensive range of air freight services available, freight resellers can provide solutions to match any requirement.

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport involves shipments that are moved by more than one mode of transportation (ground, air, rail or ocean).

When using a freight reseller, you deal solely with one company that takes care of each mode, saving you time, money and stress.

Time Definite Freight

When you need to guarantee that your deliveries will occur on a specific day or time of day, freight resellers will customise a delivery solution to suit your schedule as well as providing reliable, on-time delivery.

Bulky & Palletised Freight

Operating with a 'No Limits' philosophy, PACK & SEND deals with all types of bulky, awkward and palletised items, managing simple moves to complex transport and logistics projects.

Full Containers & Truckloads

PACK & SEND’s road services can transport full containers and truckloads to almost any location within Australia.

Have transport organised to and from depots to your warehouse or let PACK & SEND offer a specialised solution for your situation.

Ugly & Specialised Services

Regardless of size or weight, PACK & SEND can offer a solution for your awkwardly shaped consignment. With transport available via road and air freight, there are solutions to move whatever you need, wherever it needs to go.

So when you’re sending your domestic freight, make sure you know all your options to make the most of your money, and get exactly what you need!  Be sure to do your research, or just talk to PACK & SEND and let us save you time, trouble and money!

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