Top 10 tips to save time when sending parcels


Top 10 tips to save time when sending parcels

save_time.jpgWhen you send thousands of parcels every day like we do, you get to know plenty of tips, tricks and hacks that are guaranteed to save time, every step of the way.

We've put together the best of the best time saving tips here:

  1. Avoid queues
    The last thing you want to do is stand in a queue when you’re in a hurry! Go with a delivery service that offers a same day or next day pick up, and fast drop off options at many convenient locations, where you’ll be served promptly.

  2. Make sure your recipient contact details are accurate and complete
    Do it right the first time! Double check the address, phone number, and email address of your recipient before sending your parcel off.

  3. Avoid missed deliveries by sending to a business address
    Don’t you hate those “sorry we missed you” delivery cards? The best way to avoid them is to send to a trusted address, where someone will always be available during business hours.  A good example of this is the receiver’s work address (just ensure their office doesn’t have a policy against receiving personal parcel deliveries). Another option is to send it to the local PACK & SEND Service Centre where the receiver will be able to stop by and collect it at a convenient time.

  4. Seek advice on D-I-Y packing
    If you’re doing your own packing, make sure you know what you’re doing. Do the appropriate research or speak to experienced packers to ensure your item is correctly packed and arrives in one piece! Remember to use quality packing materials for your item.

  5. Get a “full service” delivery
    When you just need it sent, and don’t have time to even think about what shipping service to use, let alone finding the right box, packing it securely, labelling it etc... Just call or drop in to your local PACK & SEND and let them take care of everything for you!
    This applies even more when you’re sending fragile or awkwardly shaped items that are tricky to pack. Leave it to the professionals so it gets packed quicker and safer!

  6. Book online  
    You can book your parcel pick up and delivery online, 24/7, in your pyjamas! PACK & SEND offers affordable online self-service booking options for pre-packed, non-fragile parcels weighing up to 30kgs. Hop on to to do it now.

  7. Take warranty
    Have a peace of mind, knowing that your goods will be covered in the off-chance they are lost or damaged in transit.

  8. Beware of public holidays
    If your delivery is time sensitive, ensure that it is not sent during a public holiday period to prevent any unexpected delays.  If you’re sending overseas, don’t forget to consider public holidays at the destination country as well!

  9. When sending overseas…
    Accurately declare all items and values to avoid customs clearance delays. Ensure that your declaration is accurate, otherwise customs control at the destination country could extend the delivery date. Speak with your local PACK & SEND representative about receiving country requirements.

  10. Potential fees and charges for the receiver
    When shipping items of value to certain countries, the receiver may be subject to some fees and charges. Ensure your receiver is aware that this is their responsibility, to prevent any hiccups along the way.

    If you're a sending parcels for a business, read on for a couple of bonus tips

  11. Integrate and Automate
    If you're sending parcels regularly, whether they be online orders or whatever the reason may be, you can save lots of time by integrating with a shipping software platform such as PACK & SEND Live.

  12. Outsource your Fulfilment
    This one may just be the biggest time saver of them all.  Would you rather take back the time you spend picking, packing and shipping orders?  What about inventory and stock management?  PACK & SEND can hold your stock and pick, pack and ship your parcels and give you time to focus on growing your business, or whatever it is to you wish to do with your extra time.


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