6 Tips for Sending Business Gifts


6 Tips for Sending Business Gifts


If you have a gift to send, or any package for that matter, it usually means you've spent time and money on what's inside the parcel.

Your efforts to send a great gift shouldn't be ruined by an inadequate packing job.

Here are some simple tips to help ensure the safety and professionalism of your packages when sending business gifts.

  1. Remove old shipping labels

If you're reusing old shipping boxes, it’s important to remember to remove the old shipping labels. Old labels and bar codes can cause your package to be sent to the wrong address or, at the very least, cause confusion and slow down the shipping process.

  1. Tape your boxes properly

Applying tape to your boxes correctly is important to ensure they remain shut and don’t snag on anything in transit. Best practice is to apply tape along all the seams of your box when sealing it.

  1. Use high quality tape

When sealing your package, use plastic or reinforced paper tape designed for packages. Cellophane tape, Scotch tape and masking tape aren't very strong and may not hold your package closed. Don’t use rope or string to seal packages as they can easily catch and rip open during transit.

  1. Use two boxes

Double boxing (a box within a box) provides double the protection and will keep the important part of the package more secure. All space inside both boxes should be filled with something to cushion the item you're sending. This space can be filled with bubble wrap, packing peanuts or, in a pinch, even crumpled newspaper. If you do use newspaper, be careful the ink doesn’t transfer onto any important parts of your package.

  1. Baked goods

Shipping  gifts of baked goods like cookies, muffins and cakes happens a lot. Parcels of baked goods arriving destroyed is not uncommon with many senders not thinking through what they're sending or packing accordingly.

The secret to successfully shipping baked goods is in selecting the right type. This means the treats being sent should be moist, firm and hard, rather than brittle. Try to avoid sending things with frosting which melts easily, and use lots of padding and cushioning to limit the movement within your package.  It's also highly advisable to send them on a priority service to ensure they get there while still fresh.

  1. Provide an inside label

In the event that your parcel's exterior label gets damaged, including a secondary shipping label inside the package will prevent the possibility of your item getting lost in transit.

With these 6 tips, your gifts (and any other packages you find yourself sending) should arrive safely and in great condition, leaving the receiver thoroughly satisfied with both the service and product you have provided them!


If you'd rather let someone else worry about how to pack and send you business gifts, you're in luck!  PACK & SEND helps businesses with gift shipping every day of the week.  We can professionally pack and label each parcel and send them out for you. Or, if they're already packed, no problem, we have great rates for shipping only too. Get in touch with us today.

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