Sending Antiques and Vintage Toys


Sending Antiques and Vintage Toys

Antiques and Vintage toys hold great sentimental value to the children who receive them from their parents or grandparents. Having these beautiful items passed down in family history for generations is something to be treasured, as it is not something that all children have the pleasure of experiencing.

Recently PACK & SEND were contacted by one of our customers, a lovely lady from Melbourne who called upon the expertise of our team in Moorabbin. The item she wished to send was a family heirloom vintage doll house!


This Doll House, that she had played with when she was a child, was being handed down in the family to her son’s children. What a beautiful gesture to her son and her grandchildren. Given the priceless sentimental value attached to this large and fragile Doll house, there was no question she needed a trustworthy and careful team, to safely deliver the doll house from Melbourne to Adelaide.

With constant mindfulness how irreplaceable this item was to the client, the team at PACK & SEND approached the job with the greatest care, knowing that it was absolutely critical that the Doll House arrive at its destination safety and without delay.

Examining the item and going through the logistics of getting the item wrapped, packed and secured on a pallet is always a challenge our service centres take very seriously.

“One of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of the job at PACK & SEND is the challenge of not only figuring out the best way to pack these sorts of one-of-a-kind fragile items, but also selecting the most suitable transport service from the wide range of carrier options PACK & SEND has at its disposal, “ says Danielle Clark at the Moorabbin PACK & SEND Service Centre.

“These two things go hand in hand in ensuring that large, fragile, valuable items such as this are safely delivered, “ she said.

The customer was so happy and very grateful to our team when they advised that the pallet with the doll house had arrived at her son’s house safe and sound.

PACK & SEND are often called on to take care of valuable and very sentimental items, to be shipped worldwide, because our customers know that we will take all due care to ensure that their items are delivered.

If you have a family heirloom, antique or any item that holds great value to you, trust PACK & SEND to get it there.

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