The Power of Recalibrating Your Attitude and Asking “Why?”


The Power of Recalibrating Your Attitude and Asking “Why?”



 Over the past few months, PACK & SEND Sumner has achieved exceptional sales results. We sat down and talked to Aarjaun Johnston, co-owner of PACK & SEND Sumner, and asked her about the secrets behind their success…


PACK & SEND Sumner has been performing really well recently. What did you do to boost your sales?

It’s all about the attitude! After 9 years in the same business, there’s the tendency to feel burnt out and feel reluctant to chase jobs because they could be inconvenient. However, it’s important not to fall into this trap. GMx (PACK & SEND’s new in-house point of sale system) has made the consignment process so much faster, and enabled us to get through more work more quickly. This has freed up more time for us to chase those jobs which may be more time-consuming.

Ultimately, everything is a choice. We have been taking steps to ensure that we follow up with calls either within a few hours or the next day. We’ve noticed that we’ve gotten more conversions by ringing the customer, instead of just sending them an email.


What reinvigorated your passion to drive sales?

4 months ago, Darren and I sat down and asked ourselves, “What’s our plan for retirement? How can we make that work?” This made us re-focus on what we want, and figure out our “why”. It makes a huge difference in terms of your outlook when you clarify and remind yourself why you’re in business. We did our planning and calculations on how much money we had to earn to retire in 10 years, and this showed us that we had to chase every sale and look after every one of our customers.

We’ve also just bought a house and this was another factor that motivated us to drive sales.


Any words of advice for other business owners?

Ultimately, in every business, it all comes down to the “why”. You have to ask yourself, “Why am I in business?” and “Why does my customer want to work with me?” If you can identify what’s most important to your customer and fulfil their “why”, you’ll be able to fulfil your own “why”! 

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