PACK & SEND Tweed Heads partners with Art Piece Gallery.


PACK & SEND Tweed Heads partners with Art Piece Gallery.

20180428_164456The team at PACK & SEND Tweed Heads were recently contacted by Nadine Abensur of Art Piece Gallery, Mullumbimby. This leading fine art gallery is renowned in the Northern Rivers region for presenting a high standard of work by established and emerging local artists.

One such artist is Zimmi Forest, who creates art made predominantly with natural plant fibres and weaving materials. Through the gallery, a buyer from New Zealand had purchased a piece of wall art that Zimmi had created using very fine Bangalow Palm fronds.


Liz from PACK & SEND Tweed Heads was excited to get the opportunity to help Nadine to send the art installation across the Tasman to New Zealand. Liz was able to work through the process with Nadine, firstly helping to get the importers license completed, to enable Nadine to send the art to New Zealand.

Secondly, Liz needed to use her packaging expertise and creative problem-solving skills to thoroughly and professionally pack the wall art in a custom-made box.  The key was to secure the delicate piece inside the box in such a way that it would not move around during transportation. This was critical because any movement inside of the box would make the plant fibres crease and potentially damage the piece.

Using a plastic plate, a cardboard tube and some strapping, Liz was able to attach the artwork to the outside box to hold it in place. She re-enforced the art internally, to ensure it would not move.

Nadine says, “The team were fantastic, they organised everything and were able to get everything done, even though it was a rather overwhelming situation.”

What seemed overwhelming for Nadine is all in a day’s work for PACK & SEND.  With 25 years’ worth of expertise and experience in delivering fragile, large, awkward and valuable things, there simply is no one better!  And our expertise extends beyond simply packing and sending.  We are expert project managers too, making life easy for the customer throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

Next time you’re faced with a seemly overwhelming shipping task, don’t stress.  Give your local PACK & SEND Service Centre a call and let us take care of everything!

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