PACK & SEND delivers to Big W stores nationwide


PACK & SEND delivers to Big W stores nationwide




Centrum Printing is a company which produces promotional material for corporations such as Big W, JB Hi-Fi, and Target.

Sandeep Bhardwaj, Owner of PACK & SEND Liverpool, tells us about a recent job they did for Big W.

Centrum Printing were recently on a tight deadline to deliver promotional materials to all 186 Big W stores nationwide. They found themselves in a fix when they realised that their courier company was unable to send their materials to all the stores in different regions within their deadline. They absolutely could not afford the time to research different freight carriers and delivery methods, nor could they spend any more time labelling each of the 186 packages!

Fortunately, Centrum Printing found a one-stop solution at PACK & SEND Liverpool which readily took the load off them. Within a short amount of time, Sandeep and his team had identified the best combination of carriers, created consignment labels for all the boxes, and created a delivery schedule for each consignment.

Sandeep said, “Thanks to GMx, it was easy for me to find the best possible carrier for these different consignments.” GMx is a software created by PACK & SEND’s internal team of technology experts which gives Franchisees access to real-time integration with major carriers. It automates the processes of consignment bookings, carrier label generation, and documentation production. He continues, “I emerged with a solution which comprised of different carriers, using both air and road freight. I then scheduled the deliveries first to Western Australia, the Northern Territories, and Tasmania as those take a longer time, then to other states and executed them accordingly.”

Thanks to PACK & SEND Liverpool, Big W stores across Australia received their promotional materials in time. Sandeep and his team have been helping Centrum Printing meet their tight deadlines for the past 3 years, and their relationship is going strong. What no other courier company could do, PACK & SEND managed to accomplish. There truly are no limits to what we can do for you! Find out more about our services here:

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