PACK & SEND Delivers Some Love


PACK & SEND Delivers Some Love



In today's day and age where almost everything we see in the media seems to be negative or bad news... we present to you a little heart-warming story to change the tune.

PACK & SEND Sumner plays cupid! Franchise Owner Aarjaun filled us in on a touching project she did recently....

Deborah, a PACK & SEND customer from Adelaide brings her partner, Tony, a toasted ham & cheese croissant and coffee to his work site every morning. However, Tony is currently working on a construction site in Queensland, thousands of kilometres away from Deborah in Adelaide.

Not to be beaten by distance, Deborah hatched her plan.

She contacted PACK & SEND Sumner asking if they could help her carry out a romantic gesture. Upon hearing Deborah's plan, Aarjaun and her team hopped straight on board! Deborah rang a local café and placed an order for Tony’s ham & cheese croissant and coffee for 9.45am on a Wednesday. She also sent a special gift to the PACK & SEND Sumner Service Centre before the day.

When Wednesday came around, the team at PACK & SEND Sumner took Deborah's gift and picked up her order from the café. They arrived at Tony’s work site at 10am to bring him his special surprise. Tony broke out in a massive grin and was so grateful for his breakfast and gift from his loving partner!




Props to Aarjuan and her team for helping to spread some love! At PACK & SEND, there are no limits to what we can do for you! 

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