Outsourced Logistics Solution for Florist Network


Outsourced Logistics Solution for Florist Network

How outsourcing their logistics gave Petals Florist network time to stop and smell the roses

When businesses grow and becomes more complex, they often make the mistake of expecting existing personnel to take on all additional tasks without missing a beat.  The most successful businesses recognise the benefit of outsourcing non-core business activities to specialist partners.   Contrary to what many would assume, engaging an outsourced logistics solution will save you money as well as time.

For rapidly growing global enterprise Petals Florist Network (comprising  over 1,600 member florists), the need for a faster and more efficient way to deliver their new product offering to their extensive florist network had become paramount. Petals Florist Network Retail Store

Petals had a need to distribute 24,000 glass and ceramic vases, including three different styles to over 1,200 florists Australia-wide. This was a task that they decided would benefit from expert care.

PACK & SEND provided Petals with a free, no-obligation needs analysis and were able to offer a complete end-to-end outsourced logistics solution.  In short, PACK & SEND would take care of everything – from bulk importing from the USA right through to delivery into the hands of each of their the local Petals florists.

The solution provided by PACK & SEND meant that Petals had the benefit of a single point of contact for the whole supply chain activity.

Using two 40 foot containers, PACK & SEND arranged the sea freight importing of the vases from the USA to Australia, followed by customs clearance and transportation of the sea containers to PACK & SEND’s Service Centre facility located in Seven Hills, NSW.

On arrival, PACK & SEND staff immediately unloaded the containers, inspected the goods to ensure the packaging would protect the vases during domestic road transit, prepared consignment notes and address labels for each carton, followed by distribution of each of the three boxes of vases to 1,200 florists Australia-wide.

Proactive tracking and tracing of each delivery then followed, with PACK & SEND preparing a daily report to Petals on the status of all shipments. PACK & SEND also provided warehousing of the residual vases for future re-orders

vasesBy utilising a complete end-to-end outsourced logistics solution, Petals eliminated the need to invest in their own warehouse space or staff to execute the logistics process.

They were able to take advantage of a full service solution without needing to worry themselves about the complexities that normally accompany such a massive import and distribution task.  By relying on experts they were able to get their products to each destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. In short, outsourcing their logistics requirements saved Petals time, money and improved customer service.

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