No Limits - Shipping a Particle Accelerator


No Limits - Shipping a Particle Accelerator

particle accelerator model

Tony Stamboulie has been a PACK & SEND Franchise owner for 18 years. Tony says he enjoys being a franchisee as “You never know what is going to come in through the front door.” That’s particularly true in the case of his new clients, Awesome.Tech. Paul De Groot and Daniel Collins are “two mad scientists” from Sydney Australia who started Awesome.Tech out of a mutual passion for science, inventing and technology.

Paul and Dan are in the midst of releasing their DIY Personal Particle Accelerator project. This intricate and complicated science project was one of the recent things to come through Tony’s front door so we asked him about this challenging shipment.

When Tony received the package (a laser engraver and a model of a particle accelerator) which was to be sent to the US, there was a degree of difficulty to the order. When asked, why was this challenging to send? Tony explained that “all the components of the particle accelerator were exposed on top of the unit.”

 The Particle Accelerator from Awesome.Tech
The Particle Accelerator from Awesome.Tech

 As you can see, the particle accelerator involves many delicate wires and electronics, without a doubt making it difficult to post, let alone ship overseas to the US.

So how did Tony determine how to pack such a job?

“With items such as this we actually ask the customer if they have a preference, if not we suggest based on expertise and previous work.”

Working in conjunction with the new customers and expert knowledge, PACK & SEND were able to safely pack a particle accelerator! As mentioned, the particle accelerator is on its way to the US to be entered into a fair. To reach the deadline, the package was sent through Express Air shipping and should reach it’s destination by Tuesday.

Once again, PACK & SEND has proven there’s no limits to what it can help their customers with – all while saving costumers, like Awesome.Tech time, trouble and money!


PACK & SEND are the experts in packing fragile freight for dispatch overseas.  No job too big or small, from sending a laptop to New Zealand, to moving servers to Singapore or artwork to Argentina - we take care of everything. Give us a call today on 1300 668 000.

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