Natural Selection - Recruiting the Franchise Recruiter


Natural Selection - Recruiting the Franchise Recruiter

We recently spoke to PACK & SEND Melbourne City - Dryburgh Street franchisee Shane Cole about how he used his knowledge of the franchising industry to make the decision to become a PACK & SEND franchisee. Read on to hear his story in his own words. 

Before purchasing a PACK & SEND franchise I worked for a company that developed franchise systems for existing and emerging companies wanting to franchise their businesses.

My role was selecting suitable candidates for various franchisors, and PACK & SEND was one of them.

Having worked closely with PACK & SEND during this time, I gained a good understanding of the business, particularly from the franchisors perspective, and I liked what I saw.

They are a very supportive group, enthusiastic, and have a strong belief in the direction in which the business is heading. The CEO, Michael Paul, has a real passion for his business, and a genuine interest in seeing franchisees succeed.

Unique business model

PACK & SEND has a unique business model which taps into a growing industry. The model is well established and shows strong growth consistently.

They have strong established systems in place, incorporating comprehensive training, online operations and marketing manuals.

From early on there was a move to introduce improvements into the business with strong tech support and technology having a major impact on the growth of the business along with improved productivity.

The business was moving through a strong growth period, which was a good time to get on board. From my first contact with PACK & SEND, I could see there was genuine interest in seeing franchises succeed.

Support all the way

Knowing that ongoing support is provided from Day One, from training through to the initial opening period of my new franchise, I had peace of mind. As mentioned previously, there was also a well-established and comprehensive operations and marketing manual to assist me in the daily running of my service centre.

I also had a Field Support manager allocated to my store, who was on call to discuss any issues or ideas that I may have had.

We always had regular meetings to discuss the operations of my service centre in full detail, and to ensure I was operating at an optimum level.

Having spent many years in franchising and having a thorough understanding of systems manuals and franchise agreements, I was able to assess most parts of the business myself.

 We naturally received advice from our accountant and had our lawyer sign-off on the legal aspects and everything was as I suspected. It was a strong business model.

Evolving business

Since opening our doors thirteen years ago, we continue to have strong growth. This has come about through the introduction of additional products and services, numerous tech advances, and a strong marketing focus on a national and local level.

There is something different about every day. You don’t know what will walk through the door next. It’s not just boxes, pallets and satchels, we see a variety of things come through our service centre, including expensive artwork, scientific equipment and treasured personal effects.

I enjoy the challenge of providing solutions to our customers, some require detailed planning to ensure their customer gets their items delivered in a timely manner, and in one piece.

There has been a massive amount of change in the business and the industry in recent years, and I see a lot of up-side to the future of PACK & SEND. I look forward to evolving with it.

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