Moving to New Zealand: What to take!


Moving to New Zealand: What to take!


Moving to another country is a massive task, with lots to consider. Preparationand knowing what you can and can’t ship to your new place can help prevent you from being overwhelmed, as well as save you time, trouble and money. Whatever your reason for moving to New Zealand, in most cases you will need to bring more than the suitcase you take to the airport. New Zealand can be expensive, so a lot of the time, shipping things with

PACK & SEND, can work out cheaper then replacing them once you arrive.

Household goods are usually the biggest concern for those moving to a new country. Clothes are obviously a necessity, and with New Zealand being known as “the land of four seasons in one day”, it is important to consider shipping a full range of clothes. It is important to include waterproof jackets as it is not unusual to be out on a sunny day and then be caught in a sudden rain shower. Obviously, the bulk of your clothes that are initially taken with you as you move should be seasonal. As mentioned, New Zealand can be expensive, and clothes and shoes are not excluded from this. Therefore, shipping all, or part of your wardrobe, together with your other items can sometimes be wise in an attempt to save money.

Electrical items are more complicated than clothes and hence will take some thought. New Zealand runs on the same electrical voltage as Australia and the UK, however the maximum current is 10 amps. This means anything requiring more than 10 amps, should be left behind and replaced when you arrive. Anything less than 10 amps (10A) or 2400W (2.4kW) will be fine to use and can be shipped. Again, we suggest you think about shipping any electronic goods that can be used in New Zealand as a lot of the time it can be cheaper than purchasing new goods once you arrive at your new home.

White goods, such as fridges, microwaves and washing machines, will all work in New Zealand, so again you should seriously consider shipping these items as this can often be cheaper then replacing them. Remember that the power usage must be 2.4kW or less to work in your new place.

Like we have continuously mentioned, New Zealand can be expensive, so as with electrical and white goods, it is worthwhile to consider shipping your furniture. A lot of the time it can be more cost effective to ship your furniture, such as couches, tables and chairs to your new home. Think about what you want to keep, what will work well in your new home, and what you would rather purchase once you are in New Zealand.

However, when shipping furniture, and in fact any items to New Zealand, it is important to remember that there are prohibitions and restrictions in place. These restrictions are strictly enforced in order to protect New Zealand’s wildlife, which is highly respected by the country. Check the New Zealand Customs website to clarify what you can and can’t take.

If you do decide to bring along any restricted items, there are several things you can do to ensure you do so correctly and cause the least amount of trouble (and money) for yourself. Firstly, you MUST declare all of the restricted items you are bringing into the country. Secondly, you should thoroughly clean anything you are bringing that is on the restricted list. After everything is clean, it’s a good idea to pack all of these items together in the same box, which is then clearly labelled. This saves the Customs Officers a lot of time, making it easy for them to inspect your items. This is important as Customs Officers charge by the hour, saving you money if your box is to be inspected.

Relocating to another country can be a daunting prospect, especially the idea of shipping your possessions. However, with a little bit of planning and thought, PACK & SEND can help make this process smooth and affordable.




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