MBE Worldwide Acquires PACK & SEND to Expand its Global Footprint and presence in the Shipping and Logistics industry


MBE Worldwide Acquires PACK & SEND to Expand its Global Footprint and presence in the Shipping and Logistics industry

Milan, Italy, (March 1st, 2021): Pack & Send (“P&S”) - a leading and well recognised brand in Australia, New Zealand and UK in the Shipping and Logistics service industry - has been acquired by MBE Worldwide (“MBE”), a leading third-party provider of shipping, fulfillment, print and marketing solutions with ca. 2,740 locations in 53 countries, including Pack & Send acquisition.

MBE - which already owns three complementary brands: Mail Boxes Etc., AlphaGraphics and PostNet - focuses on the first and last mile of shipping services mainly in the express courier business segment, and serves as a local provider of customized marketing and print solutions. MBE has a solid track record of fast-paced growth, both through organic growth - driven by a solid and innovative core business - and acquisitions which are one of the key pillars of the company’s long term strategic plan.

Pack & Send, founded in 1993 and based in Sydney, is a well-founded company with robust long-term plans operating in the shipping and logistic services, with 144 Centers providing strong added value to its customers. Pack & Send has a strong brand and footprint in Australia, and covers two important and complementary territories, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, through strong, established Master Licensees.

Both companies currently operate in the business services industry through a network of locations that serve primarily businesses (small‐ and medium‐sized enterprises) as well as consumers.

Pack & Send will continue to operate as an independent company and will retain its current management team. Pack & Send Headquarters will remain in Moorebank, Australia. The companies will maintain their individual names, business concepts and brands.

“This is an exciting development for the Pack & Send franchise system,” said Michael Paul, CEO and Founder of P&S. “Combining forces with MBE Worldwide creates unique opportunities to synergize with colleagues similarly steeped in managing a franchise‐based network of entrepreneurs.”

“Pack & Send is an excellent strategic fit for MBE because of its entrepreneur‐driven, people‐centric, customer‐first business model, which complements our MBE business and culture” said Paolo Fiorelli, Chairman and CEO MBE. “We are excited to welcome Pack & Send to the MBE family and to work together to provide high‐value solutions to our business and consumer customers across the globe.”

About MBE Worldwide

MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (“MBE”), a privately-owned company based in Milan - Italy, is a third-party provider of shipping, fulfillment, print and marketing solutions to small and medium enterprises and retail consumers via a network of mainly independently owned and operated locations. MBE Service Centers facilitate the activities of entrepreneurs, people and businesses through an easy-to-access distribution network and customized services and products delivered with a distinguished and unique level of customer service. MBE presently operates under four different brands: Mail Boxes Etc., AlphaGraphics, PostNet and Pack & Send and its global network counts currently more than 2.740 locations in 53 countries, with 10.500+ associates and FY2020 System-wide Sales of €858 Million (US$980 Million).

For additional information please visit MBE Worldwide Group websites at www.mbecorporate.com, www.mbeglobal.com - www.postnet.com - www.alphagraphics.com - www.packsend.com.au - www.mbe.it - www.mbe.es - www.mbe.de - www.mbefrance.fr - www.mbe.pl - www.mbe.pt -

Founded in 1993, Pack & Send is a leading courier and freight reseller, servicing customers with value-add solutions for both outbound and inbound parcels. The company brings services to its customers through a network of service centres, logistics fulfilment centres, call centre, online courier booking systems and online retail integrations.

For additional information please visit www.packsend.com.au

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