Case Study: ICON Health & Fitness


Case Study: ICON Health & Fitness

fitnessBusiness operators often try to do it all – at the ultimate expense of their bottom line.

Such was the experience of ICON Health & Fitness in Australia.  ICON are an International company that develops and manufactures fitness equipment. Before partnering with PACK & SEND, they had been struggling to come to grips with inhibiting freight costs in its Australian operation.

Along with the company’s need to reduce its Australian freight costs, ICON Health and Fitness wanted more professional looking packaging for shipping replacement parts. They needed quality packaging that was consistent with the brand’s image as a provider of top quality fitness equipment & parts. This was an area that had become one of its toughest challenges.

Ineffective packaging techniques used by employees who didn't have professional packaging skills had led to too much packaging material being used incorrectly, causing high amounts of damaged items, returned goods, and re-delivery fees.

ICON’s need was to increase productivity within the warehouse, utilising their staff members in areas other than packing and consigning parcels for delivery.

A solution was found when they outsourced packaging and shipping to PACK & SEND.

PACK & SEND offer unrivaled expertise in freight and packaging.  Our highly trained & experienced staff are equipped with the professional know-how to provide complete end-to-end logistics solutions that are tailored to suit your company’s specific needs.

To come up with the best solution, PACK & SEND conducted a full analysis of ICON's most popular spare parts.  Factors such as each part's weight, dimensions and frequent order destinations were taken into account.   Using this information, PACK & SEND devised a custom pricing matrix for ICON to pack & deliver these parts to every destination zone around Australia.  With this information at hand, ICON would know in advance exactly what their packaging & freight costs would be.

One feature of the outsourced packaging and shipping solution was a daily pick up from ICON's warehouse.  Each day's parts orders were collected by PACK & SEND and taken to the nearest PACK & SEND service centre to be checked, prepared and packed in well-presented, customised boxes.  Special boxes were designed & constructed for particular parts to minimise volume (which hleps keen freight costs down) and ensure maximum protection to avoid damage.

Once packed,  orders were shipped out to customers each day.   PACK & SEND staff pro-actively tracked and traced every shipment and kept ICON appraised until delivery was complete.

Since opting for an outsourced packaging and shipping solution that was tailored to their needs, ICON have benefited through:

  • Saving on freight and packaging cost savings
  • Improved service to its customers,
  • Increased productivity of their own employees by allowing them to focus on tasks where they were most effective.

Is your business or workplace making the most efficient use of staff time, skills and expertise?  If packaging a freight is not your "bread and butter", why waste your time and money trying to do it all yourself?  Contact PACK & SEND today on 1300 668 000 to find out how we can tailor an outsourced packaging and shipping solution to suit you.

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