How to Sell More Art Online


How to Sell More Art Online

While signing up to a big, well known art website to help sell your art online is easy and simple, the same cannot be said about actually selling your art. After a few months of being signed up to a site with no sales, artists will start wondering how to get buyers to find their art.

Here are the top tips to start directing potential buyers your way and sell more art online:

Write Great Artwork Descriptions

Websites that help you sell your art will allow you to write full length descriptions, bio’s and artist statements. These statements should be easy to read, free of spelling and grammar mistakes and be optimised for search engines such as Google.

Search engine optimisation might sound daunting, but in regards to your artwork, this simply means using the same keywords in your descriptions and titles that art buyers will use when searching for artwork online. Use words that describe your artwork, but are also about ‘buying art’, similar artists and paintings, and artistic techniques. With a little thought and planning, you can pack your descriptions full of keywords that are buyers might search for.

Be Social

Employing Keywords and their success depends on the art website you are signed up with and what buyers are searching for. However, one thing that you can control more directly is social networking. With the rise of the internet, social networking has grown to massive proportions and is one of the best ways to direct traffic towards your art.

Pinterest and Flickr are great for showcasing your artwork and linking to the site where it can be bought. Facebook and YouTube on the other hand are helpful for becoming involved in communities and getting exposure within certain audiences. You can also employ targeted advertising on Facebook.

Take time connecting with followers, commenting on relevant posts and getting involved with the community, and you are very likely to start directing more traffic to your artworks.

Start a Blog

With so many cheap, free and easy options, there’s not really any excuse not to have an art blog. Blogging for a few hours a week can help direct traffic to your art, as well as getting you involved within a community.

Create an Email Newsletter

Through your newly made blog and social media accounts, let people know they can sign up for an email update whenever you finish a new piece. This will help you build up strong relationships over a period of time, meaning repeat buyers and a larger community. Make it simple for people to sign up, make sure their comfortable and most importantly don’t spam.

Team up with other artists

Find a few other artists who you support and join up with them. This can be done by either creating a group blog, or just linking back and forth between yourselves. Don’t be concerned about losing traffic to your partners, your traffic should grow substantially, as will your partners, everybody benefits.

Advertise Your Art Website

When creating flyers, business cards, or anything else of that nature, include the main website where people can find and buy your art.

Don’t be shy about self promotion, and promoting your website offline. This is the surest way you can target the people you want to sell your art to and the people who are most likely to buy it.

Stick With It

Selling your art online might sound like an easy way to become a successful artist, but it isn’t necessarily simple. However, it will work over time. Don’t try for a week or so and get disappointed when you see no results. Invest your time over at least 6 months, and then look back and judge how far you have come.

After 6 months, by following these tips you should see a lot of improvements, and even more if you continue with it.


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