Going international: Send things overseas worry free


Going international: Send things overseas worry free

Sending a parcel overseas can be a bit of a worry, but by following a few simple steps you can ensure peace of mind and guaranteed delivery.

Sending valuables
Many countries have limitations on what valuables can and can't be sent through the postal service. Australia, for instance, doesn't allow cash to be mailed, no matter where it's final destination. This goes only for legal tender, so collections of ancient coins are permitted.

For valuable items, it's recommended to get the goods insured and confirmation of delivery. The cover provided by express parcel carriers is generally in the range of 1.5 to 4 per cent of the value of the goods, depending on their value or fragility. Australia Post has a limit on the value it will cover for loss or damage of parcels ($5,000), and certain goods are excluded from cover (e.g. fragile glass items and coins) – so check that your carrier has the capability to provide liability cover for the goods you are sending.

Before sending your mail, check to see if there are any restrictions on the destination country for the goods you're sending. As well as obvious restrictions such as flammable and explosive goods, some nations do not allow certain valuables through their postal service.

Proper packaging
While it does cost a bit extra to buy padded envelopes or fill parcels with padding, the price is minimal to ensure your items get to the other end safely. As a general rule, you should be Anything_Fragileable to drop your package one metre without it breaking for it to be deemed travel safe.

Putting words such as 'fragile' on the packaging can lead to better individual handling, but when the package is in a mailbag there's no knowing what's written on it.

Find the postcode
No matter where in the world you’re delivering to, make sure you include the correct postcode. This is incredibly important in allowing any parcel carrier service to get it to the right place, especially in a big city where there may be two or more similar sounding street names. Adding a return address is always recommended when sending anything valuable, as errors can occur.

Parcel delivery by express carriers remains one of the most reliable forms of getting a document or package from one place to another, especially if you follow the correct guidelines.

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