Fostering Business Motivation and Growth in a Family-run Franchise


Fostering Business Motivation and Growth in a Family-run Franchise

Father and son duo, Nick and Geordan Bombos, embarked on a transition from the petrol convenience store sector to logistics and shipping franchising. With thirty-three years of experience in their previous industry, they recognised Australia's economic shift from manufacturing to an expanding import-export domain. Driven by a shared commitment to building a stable family business and a desire for a lifestyle change, the Bombos family entered the logistics industry in 2018 through the establishment of PACK & SEND Richmond, Victoria.

Creating a New Path with PACK & SEND

Drawing upon their extensive background in the petrol convenience store industry, the pair took the challenge of transitioning into the realm of logistics and shipping franchising. Recognising the evolving landscape of Australia's logistics industry, the Bombos duo reflected on how simple their choice was in changing industries. Identifying a burgeoning opportunity in the import-export domain as Australia has shifted away from manufacturing.
Seeking a lifestyle change and fuelled by a shared commitment to building a formidable family empire, the esteemed PACK & SEND Australia network was chosen as their new path. In 2018, they boldly entered the logistics industry, establishing a PACK & SEND centre in a Greenfield site in Richmond, Victoria.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite being well equipped in the franchising and business environment, the pair faced their initial hurdle of being newcomers to the logistics and shipping field. They quickly adapted to the industry by using their previous knowledge, joined with the support from PACK & SEND Australia, to uncover their potential.
Adding to this, the hurdle of cultivating a customer base was overcome through unwavering dedication, community engagement, word-of-mouth referrals, and a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service. 

Expansion and Growth

The success of their customer-centric approach propelled them forward, leading to the acquisition of PACK & SEND Norwood, South Australia, within just 12 months. Motivated by this triumph, in 2022, Nick and Geordan expanded their footprint in Victoria with the acquisition of PACK & SEND Footscray, Victoria. The pair believe the industry is always growing and are excited by the opportunity of growing with it. 

Finding Inspiration from Family

Demonstrating the essence of a true family enterprise, Geordan's younger brother now manages the Footscray store, with their mother overseeing HR responsibilities, solidifying the family's integral role in the business. 
Reflecting on their remarkable journey, the Bombos family attributes their success to the unwavering support and motivation derived from familial ties. Emphasising the significance of learning from mistakes and embracing opportunities, they encourage others to fearlessly pursue their goals.

Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In their view, the path to growth is paved with hard work and having a solid support system. They stand firm on the belief of “having a go” and not being afraid of the outcome. They encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to do the same and to grow from mistakes. 
The Bombos family’s growth through the PACK & SEND network stands as a testament to the transformative power of familial motivation in achieving business excellence through strategic planning and navigating what success means to them. 

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