Ecommerce Photography: How to Use It to Increase Conversions


Ecommerce Photography: How to Use It to Increase Conversions

Human brains are naturally wired to pay heed to visual content such as images and videos. Research has found that our brains can process images 60,000 times faster than just pure text. Moreover, businesses that leverage visuals effectively can see a boost in their conversion rate.

This is especially true for eCommerce stores. 

So if you’re operating an online store, you need to take product photography a notch above. In these times of DSLRs and advanced photography equipments, you don’t want your product photos to look as if they are taken from older feature cameras.

High-quality photos can surely help you increase conversions, revenue, and profits. But what is eCommerce photography? Let’s find an answer to that:

What is eCommerce Photography?

eCommerce photography also referred to as eCommerce product photography is a term to describe a process to capture photos of products in a professional environment. The relevant photos captured here appeal to viewers from a visual standpoint and in the process increase the conversion rate.

Since online shoppers don’t have the advantage to look and feel the product in real life before purchase, they are reliant on product photos. Thus, eCommerce photos form a crucial part of the online shopping experience to generate more sales.

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Why Product Photography is Not an Everyday Thing?

As mentioned, shoppers rely on clear and high-quality product photos while deciding whether to purchase a product or not. Such type of product photography requires professional-grade tools, product photography setup, and expert product photographers.

Getting hands on such high-level equipment is not going to be the everyday thing for eCommerce stores with tight budgets. So, does that mean you’ll have to make do with the sub-par quality images for your eCommerce?

Even if you are not able to get your hands on the professional level eCommerce photography, there are some workarounds to capture the best quality photos that boost your conversions.

This visual infographic guide can help eCommerce stores with a good, small or no photography budget to capture professional photos. Apart from that, it also delves into numerous ways for online store owners to boost their conversions.

So, let’s get into it.

Ecommerce Photography   How to Use It to Increase Conversions (Infographic)

Besides boosting conversions for your eCommerce store, product photos offer many other advantages. Here are a few more reasons why eCommerce photography should be part of your eCommerce routine.

  • Reinforces Your eCommerce Brand

Websites with good visuals are not just there to satisfy search engines, they help your eCommerce store stay in the minds of visitors even after they leave. Visual styling reinforces your eCommerce brand.

Product photos are another way to reinforce and fortify your eCommerce store in the eyes of your customers. We all have seen those classic white-background photos which can give more depth to your eCommerce photography.

However, with the effective utilisation of lifestyle product photos, you can create everyday scenarios to push certain moods and tones to your customers. A good visual identity presented with eCommerce photos helps viewers remember your brand.

  • Gives First Impression about Your Brand

Whenever someone visits your product page, you have only a few initial seconds to grab their attention and make them stay on your page for longer. Since we already know that human brains are capable of processing visuals such as images faster than text, quality eCommerce product shots can do the job for you.

They are the first things new visitors glance through and it creates the first impression on them. The quality and usefulness of product photos are a few things that eCommerce companies must pay heed to if they want a lasting impression of their brand.

  • Reduces Pre-Sale Inquiries

With the increase in online sales that is fueled by the pandemic, consumer shopping behaviour has shifted. With this increase in online sales, the pre-sale inquiries have also gone up.

And not getting proper answers to their questions, users may end up returning your products. To avert such a scenario, what you can do is gather what kind of pre-sale tickets your support staff has been handling all this while.

Use this information to your advantage by updating your product shots to reflect the same. This will not only help reduce the pre-sale inquiries but also minimise the return rate after the purchase.

  • Reduces Customer Support Load

Since we are talking about the support customers may need before purchasing, it makes sense to talk about how loaded your executives may feel to handle all those questions alone. Among others, the primary reason for this could be customers don’t know how to use your products or they don’t understand how it works.

Naturally, they are inclined to call the customer support team for the answers. But what if you can answer all these questions right through your product photos? This will reduce the number of support calls or emails you get.

With descriptive product shots, you can answer questions like “How to use it?”, “How to install it?” and many others. Doing so will further help your support team to focus on the real productive work.


The primary challenge for eCommerce stores is capturing high-clarity images without the help of professional tools or eCommerce photographers. The visual infographic presented here covers how to take professional-grade product photos with just a smartphone and good product photography lighting.

Moreover, it also delves into other utilisation opportunities for eCommerce brands to increase their conversions with eCommerce photography. While it can increase your conversion, it may also create a challenge that your newfangled eCommerce store has to face i.e. shipping.

Once you start to get a good amount of orders, shipping those products becomes a real challenge. That’s where we come in.

Our top-quality shipping services that are tailored to your needs can take you on the path to eCommerce success.

Get in touch with us for more information.



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