It’s as easy as Click, Send - with PACK & SEND!


It’s as easy as Click, Send - with PACK & SEND!

Click, Send with PACK & SEND PowerSenderPACK & SEND offers a simple way to send parcels for small businesses who sell online, or any business that send parcels in the course of doing business.

Like Australia Post’s Click and Send, PACK & SEND’s PowerSender portal conveniently allows you to book online and print labels for the collection and delivery of your parcels – however, PACK & SEND also offers a number of extra benefits.

In addition to a wider range of carrier and service choices and the ability to send bigger and longer parcels, PACK & SEND’s PowerSender system offers you more competitive price points on a number of services. That’s why PowerSender is one of PACK & SEND’s fastest growing services.

To find out more and register as a PowerSender you can click here.


PowerSender turns up the convenience for regular parcel senders

PACK & SEND’s PowerSender portal has been designed to make life a whole lot easier for regular parcel senders for small eCommerce businesses and eBay sellers – with options including parcel deliveries to local, interstate or international destinations.

If you sell goods on eBay, then it is easy to link your eBay account to PowerSender. This allows you to easily manage the despatch and tracking of multiple orders, saving you processing time and ensuring your parcels are sent to your customers quickly.

PACK & SEND’s PowerSender portal also has a high level of efficiencies including the ability for PowerSender to import regular customers from your existing address book. This function helps keep all your shipping history in one place for convenient access as well as enabling easy management and review of all your deliveries.

When you use PowerSender, you can save all the details in the system.  Numerous information saving features have been added to allow efficient management of the despatch and tracking of multiple orders. Product types and previously used addresses can be saved and recalled with a click, while unfinished quotes can be saved & ready to resume when you are.


Parcel Drop-Off

 PACK & SEND has a network of over 100 retail Service Centres. That means that you not only have the option for a courier to pick-up directly from your door, but you also have the option to drop-off your parcel at your nearest Service Centre.

Parcel Drop-off is a very popular service for those small businesses that don’t want to wait for a courier to collect or are unable to meet strict courier cut-off pick-up times.


Customer satisfaction

 All these benefits have been received enthusiastically by PACK & SEND customers.

As part of our customer satisfaction measurement, we invite all our customers to send us feedback through a number of channels; one of which is the customer review website, Trustpilot.

Currently running at an average rating of 8.8 out of a possible 10, PACK & SEND’s customers have so many great things to say about their experiences. Many of the comments run along the lines of the following: “The online service is fantastic, quick and easy and I was surprised at how cheap it was to post my parcel,” and, “I was constantly updated as to the progress of the delivery of the parcel I sent,” and “An 'above and beyond' response,” as well as, “I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.”

TrustPilot also ranks PACK & SEND as the number 1 company in the Courier and Delivery Services category.

So if you’d like to make your eCommerce parcel delivery experience a whole lot better – then PACK & SEND has the systems to make it happen.

In the words of one happy PACK & SEND customer:

“Top service, great pricing, and rapid dispatch. Highly recommended and I will be certain to return often in the future. 10/10!”  

So there you have it. With PACK & SEND PowerSender, it really is as easy as Click, Send!

Click here to find out more or register as a PowerSender

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