Door to Door Delivery: Fast, Reliable, and Impressive


Door to Door Delivery: Fast, Reliable, and Impressive

Consumers around the world expect online shopping to be faster and more convenient. 90% of the customers expect a brand to deliver the order within two days. The products also need to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. This is where door to door delivery plays a crucial role. It can help both eCommerce companies and their customers. 

This method of courier delivery works for several stages of eCommerce supply chain management. It also works for inventory distribution. This is an easy and convenient way for people to send goods to one another and for eCommerce companies to ship orders to their customers.

What is Door to Door Delivery?

Door to Door delivery is a type of courier service for direct shipping. A courier company picks up the goods from one location and delivers it to the destination. In the door to door pick up and delivery services, the courier company is responsible for all three stages of shipping. 

They pick up the goods from the sender’s location. Then the goods are shipped to the destination. Finally, they deliver the goods to the receiver’s doorstep. In shipping terms, door to door delivery is also known as D2D shipping. It is an end-to-end parcel delivery service. You can also use this method for retail logistics, dropshipping, eCommerce order fulfilment, and product returns

2 Types of Door to Door Courier Services

The door to door courier service can be further categorised as direct and indirect. This is based on the locations, shipping methods, and modes of transport.

1) Direct Door to Door Parcel Delivery

This type of door to door courier delivers the goods without a halt. Once the goods are picked up they are directly delivered to the location. It only uses one mode of transport. The goods are not stored during shipping. Often the same vehicle is used for pick up and delivery

This method is also called local point-to-point courier. It is also commonly used for same day door to door delivery. You can use this method to ship large and heavy items. Direct door to door parcel delivery is useful for shipping furniture or large outdoor products. You can also use it for delivering small items, express couriers, last-mile delivery, and eCommerce micro fulfilment

Local door to door courier delivery services are fast and convenient. But they are costlier compared to other courier services. It is also limited by range. It works for local and intercity courier delivery door to door. But, you cannot use this method for shipping over long distances. As the shipping distance grows, this method becomes less cost-effective.

2) Indirect Door to Door Shipping

This type of door to door parcel delivery service is broken down in stages. The goods go through multiple stages of storage, sorting, packaging, and transportation before reaching the destination. The parcel also travels through multiple modes of transport. Although slower, it is a more cost-effective method for shipping over long distances.

This method is commonly used for interstate door to door couriers. For example, you want door to door parcel delivery in Australia from Sydney to Perth. The parcel will travel with delivery trucks, road freight, and train. It will also stop at local courier facilities, transport hubs, and train stations.

It is also effective for intercity couriers within the same state. But, the delivery time will be longer than direct courier delivery door to door. Suppose that you want a door to door courier in Australia from Sydney to Canberra. The direct method may give you same day door to door delivery. But it will be costlier. Whereas, the indirect method may take 2 to 3 days. But, it will be cheaper.

This is also the only available method for door to door international parcel delivery. International shipping invariably involves several stops. The goods need to go through import and export customs clearance. The parcel also changes hands between trucks, aeroplanes, and ships.

Cost of Door to Door Delivery

The cost of parcel delivery to the door depends on several factors. These include pick-up location, delivery location, shipping distance, weight of the package, modes of transport, delivery time, etc.

The base charges are quite similar to regular courier services. But the added pick-up service would increase the cost of door to door parcel delivery. The charges also depend on the location of origin and destination. You can send goods locally, domestically, and internationally.

However, the charges will vary for each type of service. Door to door delivery within Australia will be far cheaper than D2D courier from Australia to New Zealand. This is because of the added services that entail international shipping. 

These include compliances, documentation, customs clearance, additional packaging, and so on. The door to door cargo delivery service also involves more steps and uses several modes of transportation. All these requirements add to the cost. Some of these services would also add to the cost of parcel delivery to the door within Australia if you are shipping between states. 

8 Benefits of Door to Door Courier

There are several benefits of parcel door to door delivery for individuals and businesses. Although it is a little expensive compared to other shipping methods. It compensates by offering speed, convenience, and efficiency. Let’s understand the major advantages of using door to door delivery services.

1) Fast Delivery

Door to door shipping is relatively faster than other courier services. In traditional shipping, the shipping process begins after you deliver the parcel to the carrier. Then the courier is processed before getting shipped. Whereas in courier through door to door delivery, the process begins as soon as you place the order. The carrier picks up the order and directly puts it into the shipping phase. 

Furthermore, the carrier has complete control over the process till the end. They can streamline the process to cut down shipping time as needed. For same day door to door delivery, the parcel does not even change vehicles. It gets picked up and delivered to your door without interruptions.

2) Convenience

Door to door parcel delivery service offers a lot of convenience to the sender and the receiver. It saves you the time and effort of taking the parcel to the local courier facility. Similarly, the receiver also gets the delivery at the door. The convenience of getting things delivered at the door is one of the top reasons for online shopping.

Adding this door to door delivery to eCommerce order fulfilment can help you gain and retain customers. The convenience can also improve customer experience with your brand. Additionally, the carrier takes complete responsibility for the entire process. This can be highly advantageous for international door to door parcel delivery. You do not have to worry about documentation, customs, international laws, and so on. 

3) Operational Efficiency

With door to door delivery, you outsource the entire shipping process to the carrier. Then the carrier collects, ships and delivers the parcel. They also handle all the documentation, processes, customs clearances, and so on. The carrier even takes care of additional layers of packaging for protection during transit.

The door to door delivery method does not require multiple handovers between different carriers and distributors. Overall, you get a straightforward logistics method for your operations. You can use the same services to receive inventory from your suppliers or ship orders to your customers.

4) Easy Tracking

You only have to deal with one point of contact for the entire shipping process. It is especially helpful for interstate and international shipping. These methods involve multiple stages and modes of transport. 

With door to door courier, a single tracking number applies for the entire journey. You can easily trace the status of the courier. You can also extend the same convenience to your customers. Online shoppers frequently check the delivery status.

This feature is crucial for eCommerce customer service. Having a single tracking number makes it easy for you to communicate this information to your customers. They can also find out the delivery status using the carrier’s tracking number.

5) Safety and Accountability

Using multiple carriers for different stages dilutes accountability. A courier may go through multiple stages of transport. Each carrier can blame the other for shipping delays, damages, and incorrect deliveries. These are some of the top reasons for product returns.

The brand has to arrange for reverse logistics and product replacement. This can cause significant damage to revenue and profitability. It also takes away from the customer experience and tarnishes a brand’s reputation. 

With door to door couriers, a single carrier holds the entire responsibility for shipping. Hence, they also hold complete accountability. You only have to deal with a single point of contact if such problems do occur. 

6) Shipping Insurance

Having shipping insurance gives you a certain level of protection if a problem occurs during transit. But, having multiple couriers also means dealing with multiple insurances. These may have several different terms and conditions. These insurance providers and carriers may also try to direct the blame to other agencies.

On the other hand, with courier door to door delivery, you only deal with one insurance. This shipping insurance covers the entire journey of the product. Having a single carrier also brings accountability. It is also easier to negotiate favourable terms with one agency than dealing with several.

7) Flexibility

Door to door delivery service grants excellent flexibility to businesses. This format relieves you from all logistics-related operations. You can completely outsource your distribution and order fulfilment to the carrier. They bring the inventory to your warehouse. And when you receive an order, the carrier handles parcel delivery door to door.

As you are only dealing with one carrier, you can easily bring changes to the system as needed. For instance, let’s say one of the customers is not available to receive the order. Instead of returning the order, the carrier can use their storage facility and postpone the delivery.

You can also bring this kind of flexibility to your inventory management. If you are importing goods from abroad. In door to door cargo delivery services, the carrier uses its warehouses to store your goods between transportation cycles. 

All you need to do is have the goods dispatched from the origin country and receive them at the destination. You can also use door to door delivery in Australia to distribute the imported inventory to several locations.

8) Value for Money

The door to door pick-up and delivery service is more expensive than regular courier services. However, it brings value in other ways. These benefits more than compensate for the added cost. The value of door to door couriers is based on two factors: Convenience and Speed. 

While we have discussed both these aspects at length in the section above. It is necessary to note the impact that these factors have on a company and its customers. These factors play a crucial role in sales and customer experience. 

The majority of customers prefer brands that can deliver the products faster. And the customers want delivery at door without any hassle. Using door to door shipping can give you a competitive advantage in the market. It can also play a crucial role in retaining customers by giving them a positive brand experience.

On the operational side, door to door delivery helps streamline several supply chain operations. You can receive inventory from your supplier. You can use it to distribute products. The carrier can pick up orders from a central warehouse and distribute them to customers in several locations. You do not have to use different services to serve customers in different regions.

3 Examples of Door to Door Shipping Process

Door to door delivery can be used for all types of couriers. You can send things within your city or in another city in your country. You can also send things internationally. Let’s look at examples of how door to door couriers would work in each scenario.

1) Local

A local door to door pick up and delivery is quite simple. Most local door to door parcel delivery services use the direct method. The courier company picks up the parcel from the sender's location. 

The parcel is stocked in the delivery vehicle with other local couriers. The vehicle follows a schedule to deliver each product. The carrier reaches the local destination address and the receiver gets the delivery at the door.

In certain cases, local door to door parcel couriers can also use the indirect method. The carrier takes the parcel first to the local courier facility. The parcel gets sorted based on the delivery location. Then it is handed to another delivery vehicle. The parcel is delivered to your door by the second vehicle. This type of door to door courier delivery can also be used for last mile deliveries and eCommerce micro fulfilment.

2) Interstate

An interstate door to door cargo delivery primarily uses the indirect method. The carrier may use direct shipping for large and heavy objects. Interstate couriers may use several modes of transportation. This may include road, train, and air.

Let’s say you want door to door parcel delivery in Australia between Sydney and Perth. The carrier would pick up the courier from the sender’s location in Sydney. Then the parcel goes to a local courier facility. The courier facility sends it to the train station. 

The parcel travels on rail freight on the Indian Pacific route. It arrives at Perth train station. The parcel goes to the local courier facility in Perth. The carrier assigns the parcel to a delivery vehicle. This vehicle gives delivery at the door to the receiver’s address.

3) International

An international door to door delivery is only possible with the indirect method. You cannot use the direct method to ship goods across borders. The format is quite similar to the interstate method. However, the modes of transport change. For door to door international parcel delivery, the carrier would use ocean freight and air freight.

This method also brings added processes that concern international couriers. These include documentation, imports, exports, customs clearance, duties, taxes, and so on. Let’s see an example of door to door delivery from Australia to New Zealand.

Assume you want door to door parcel delivery from Canberra in Australia to Wellington in New Zealand. The carrier first collects the parcel from the sender’s address in Canberra. The courier reaches the local courier facility. Here it is processed and prepared for international transport. This stage includes documentation, packaging, and so on.

At the Canberra airport, the carrier completes export customs clearance for the parcel. The courier reaches Wellington airport by flight. Here the carrier has to complete import customs clearance. After this, the parcel goes to the local courier facility in Wellington. A delivery vehicle takes the parcel from the facility and it reaches the receiver’s address. This completes the international door to door delivery process.

Use Door to Door Delivery for Convenient Order Fulfilment

Door to door delivery is a fast, efficient, and convenient way to ship goods. Whether you are sending items to your friends and family or shipping orders for eCommerce fulfilment. The door to door courier service frees you from all the burdens and hassles of shipping.

However, door to door shipping can be truly stress-free if you have a reliable courier freight by your side, such as PACK & SEND. This is all the more important for international couriers when the processes are tedious and complicated. Consider using our courier services to get things delivered to your doorstep, domestically or internationally.


What is a door to door delivery service?

A door to door delivery service is a type of courier. In this type of courier service, the entire shipping process is carried out by the carrier. This includes pick-up of the parcel from the origin address and delivery to the destination address. 

The carrier is also responsible for all the processes for shipping. This may include packaging, documentation, storage, customs clearance, and so on. Point to Point delivery is another shipping term for door to door delivery. 

How does door to door delivery work?

The operations of door to door delivery are quite similar to any other courier service. However, it has two additional stages: Parcel pickup and Delivery. In door to door couriers, the sender is not responsible for taking the parcel to the carrier. Similarly, the receiver is not responsible for collecting the parcel from the local courier facility. Both of these steps are completed by the carrier.

Hence, the door to door parcel delivery service works as follows. First, you place an order for door to door shipping. Here you mention information about the sender, receiver, and parcel. The courier company sends someone to pick up the parcel from the sender’s location. They process the parcel and ship it to the delivery destination. The parcel is then delivered to the doorstep of the delivery address.

Do you need to show ID for delivery at the door?

The protocols for receiving delivery at the door are different for each carrier. You may have to show an ID to receive the parcel delivered at the door in certain cases. While in some, you may take the courier with just a signature.

This usually depends on how the courier company collects proof of delivery. The protocol may also vary depending on the instructions given by the sender or the value of the courier. If the parcel contains valuable items or sensitive documents, you would have to present an ID to receive the courier.

What are the benefits of door to door delivery?

There are two primary benefits of door to door delivery: Convenience and Speed. This type of courier service relieves you from any burden related to logistics and shipping. You do not have to go to the local courier facility to send the goods. Nor does the receiver need to make such a trip.

Once you place the order, everything is taken care of by the courier company. As the company controls the entire process, it can also get it done faster. You can even ask the courier company to package the parcel for you. A door to door delivery service benefits the sender and the receiver by making the shipping process easy.

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