Concrete Countertops Australia grows their business with PACK & SEND


Concrete Countertops Australia grows their business with PACK & SEND



Concrete Countertops Australia (CCA) launched their online retail business in May 2016. They are the exclusive distributor of Concrete Countertop Solutions’ Countertop form and Poolform products for Australia and New Zealand.

It is crucial for all online retail businesses to have well organised logistics to handle orders efficiently. Facilitating the sale of products online, especially heavy and bulky items, requires secure storage, professional packing, and reliable delivery solutions.

It wasn’t easy for CCA to find a willing and reliable delivery provider prior to its launch. Being a new company, they were not only faced with a lack of interest and poor customer service, but also with some orders weighing up to 150kg, many courier companies simply did not have the capacity to take up the challenge.

Mark Pungitore, Director at CCA, explains, “We approached different companies but none of them could really meet both our needs and our customers’ needs. This totally changed when we met Rick and Susan of PACK & SEND Shepparton.”

“Rick personally came out to our shed to look at our products to understand exactly what he would be working with. He also understood what stage of the business we were at and discussed and assessed our customers’ needs. When our customers purchase something on our eCommerce platform, their main concern is when their items will be delivered. We sell building materials, not small products that can fit in a letterbox. Sometimes clients are purchasing to have them delivered in time for a job for their customer. Fast, efficient and safe delivery of our products can really be quite a feat. Rick has never been fazed by the challenge and was interested in assisting us with our business from Day 1. Unlike other companies we spoke to, he assured us that he was able to get our products delivered across the country and even to New Zealand.”

For the past 1.5 years, PACK & SEND Shepparton has been helping CCA grow their business. With PACK & SEND’s packing and freight expertise, CCA have been able to take up an increasing amount of orders and grow their business with ease. Together, they have the capacity to take on big orders of building materials to be sent across Australia and New Zealand.

“Rick and Susan of PACK & SEND Shepparton have been with us right from the beginning. They are an invaluable business partner, and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without their support,” says Mark.


Looking for a logistics solution for exceptional needs? PACK & SEND is always up for the challenge! We take pride in our No Limits philosophy, and aren’t afraid to think outside of the box to emerge with customised solutions. Hop onto or call 1300 668 000 to see what we can do for you today!

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