Send your American mates these great Aussie gifts, with our USA parcel courier service


Send your American mates these great Aussie gifts, with our USA parcel courier service

For those who have moved to America from Australia, or Americans who have experienced Australia, it can be disappointing to find that Australia has a lot of things Americans simply cannot get. To help these poor souls out, we have created a list of the top items you can send for them to enjoy with a USA parcel courier service.

Australian Chocolate

Australian chocolate is one of the most requested items that Americans ask for from Australians. It seemingly tastes different, apparently better than what Americans get locally (of course!). The amount of unique Aussie chocolate is huge.

We can think of Tim Tams, Cherry Ripe, Jaffas, Furry Friends, Violet Crumble, Fantales, Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas, Mint Slice and Wagon Wheels. Crikey - that's some delicious stuff right there!

Beauty Products

In Australia we have a bunch of great locally sourced beauty type products. Along with being created from local Australian ingredients, they are all natural and great for your skin. To begin with, there is the hugely popular Lucas Pawpaw ointment, made entirely from Australian Pawpaw, this stuff is great for cuts, burns and dry skin.

Secondly, there’s Bondi Wash. Everyone knows Bondi beach, and everyone will love this plant based range of natural products. Emu Oil is an extremely rich moisturiser made from, you guessed it, oil from emu’s. It is all completely safe and even acts as an anti inflammatory.


Vegemite. An Australian classic no Aussie can go past. Sure, most of the time it gets a disgusted reaction from Americans however it still a popular gift, even if it is a gag (pun intended).


The Boomerang was traditionally used by the indigenous population of Australia as a hunting weapon. It's iconic to Australia and extremely fun, when thrown correctly, it comes back to the thrower. No more catching partner needed!


These native Australian instruments have been used by the indigenous population for thousands of year. The wind instrument is still popular today for its interesting, and haunting, sound as well as for the colourful art work that comes painted on most didgeridoos.

Australian themed souvenirs

Australian themed souvenirs come in shapes far and wide. These can range from items such as outback themed snow globes to key chains covered in Kangaroo fur. The possibilities are endless. An Australian flag, coffee mugs, a picture frame. Any Australian themed souvenir is sure to be adored by loved ones in the USA.

Australian Animal Themed Toys

Australia has many cute, furry cuddly animals and while shipping one of these creatures off to your friends in America is definitely not an option, sending over a toy to your USA mates is a great idea.

Koalas, Kangaroos, Emus, Platypuses and even cockatoos can be found as soft cute toys.

Australian Aboriginal Themed art

Australian Aboriginal art is extremely visually appealing. The symbols used in these paintings are used for teachings and continue to be a vital part of the world’s oldest continuous cultural tradition. Why not use a USA parcel courier service to send a beautiful piece of Australian history for your American friends to hang on their wall?


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