The Best Things to Sell Online


The Best Things to Sell Online

The world of online retail is competitive and gaining attention and sales can be hit or miss. So before you enter the E-tailer world, it’s critical that you decide on a product that will attract consumers. Researching ‘popular products’ or product trends will allow you to choose a product that will continue to get sales. It's common sense, don’t waste time trying to sell a product nobody is buying.

Google Trends will provide insight into trending products. This tool uses overall search volume to discover trends of a product and can be dated back to search 1 week or 10 years. You can compare goods or searches, and see the location where your desired product is in high demand.

Other sites like Reddit or product reviews sites will also provide information on trending products. Bigger online retailers like Alibaba and Amazon have "best seller" categories you can research; these consumer marketplaces are enormous and will give an excellent idea of trending products.

The team at Pack & Send have pulled together a list of the best things to sell online:

Wireless Chargers

We are one step closer to a world without wires thanks to the introduction of wireless chargers.

The rise of smartphones has created a whole new market of accessories with wireless chargers being one of the most popular products online right now. The growing demand for the product is driven by factors like tangled charging cables, availability of power points in public places and faulty ports due to continuous use. Samsung, among other large brands, is essential in the development of this technology. Samsung’s smartphones are all efficient at charging wirelessly, with iPhones and some other brands also supporting wireless charging.

Charcoal Face Masks

Charcoal Face Masks have turned up all over YouTube and Instagram recently, making activated charcoal one of the hottest trends around. With a unique pitch of a black appearance, charcoal face masks are used to remove blackheads and other facial impurities for smooth, blemish free skin. There are plenty of online videos and tutorials showing the results of charcoal masks.

VR Headsets

Virtual reality has now become a mainstream product available to the general public. The future of entertainment is delivering mind blowing experiences through state of the art technology. Motion controllers, room scale tracking and exceptionally high resolution all make virtual reality a new experience for consumers. Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and other brands are creating new ways for us to experience and enjoy technology. VR is trending up - if this is something you want to sell, get in quick and establish yourself as a quality online retailer. Larger retailers will surely ride the VR wave sooner rather than later.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has multiple purposes, that’s why it’s always an attractive product to sell online. This fantastic health-promoting oil can be a moisturiser, makeup remover, or be applied to bug bites. Coconut oil can also be used in cooking; it promotes well-being with its unsaturated fats.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers continue to sell. Smartphones, music streaming services, and the desire for flexible listening are all promoting growth and sales. People want to carry their music wherever they go. There are a few major brands that have capitalised on this trend by releasing high-quality Bluetooth speakers. Sony, Bose and Beats by Dre have all flourished. Each year sales of this product spikes around the Christmas and holiday seasons. 

Portable Phone Batteries

Smartphone applications and high usage levels have created the need for another product - mobile phone batteries or power banks.

As applications become more sophisticated and people use their phones increasingly, battery issues will continue. Portable batteries eliminate the fear of your phone running out of charge during the day. These power banks are charged in advance, then supply charge to your phone through the same cord as your standard charger. Demand for portable batteries will continue to grow with the smartphone industry until longer battery lives are developed.

These are only some of the best things you could begin selling online. With a bit of hard work and research you could find a popular niche and become a prominent, and profitable seller in the market.


Before deciding on your product and setting up shop online, make sure you're all over the shipping side of the business.  Be sure it's not classified as Dangerous (e.g. items which contain lithium batteries) or if it is, make sure you've got a shipping partner like PACK & SEND who can help you through these issues at the outset and support your business every step of the way - from start-up to success!

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