Best Practice, Customer Service and a good business system.


Best Practice, Customer Service and a good business system.

PACK & SEND CEO Maicla Paul with 2016 Franchisee of the Year, Davide Scicluna

Every Franchisee has a unique story.  Recently, our 2016 Franchisee of the Year, David Scicluna wrote this fantastic post about how he came to join PACK & SEND, why he enjoys it, and what he credits for his ongoing success in the business:

I had been working in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, managing a group of local hotels along the east coast of Australia. I always wanted to start a business of my own and have the freedom and control that comes from working for yourself.

I knew how challenging it is financially to start up and own a hotel, so this was off the cards. I was also less interested in getting back into the hospitality industry. The hours and the demands of serving food, alcohol & gaming had become less appealing to me. I was looking for something that was a proven & turnkey solution with a reasonably low capital demand to enter into the market. I also wanted to use my customer service skills that I had gained over the years from hospitality service and my years in retail before that.

I attended the Franchise Expo in June 2013 in the hope of getting closer to deciding. Mike Smart from PACK & SEND Pyrmont at that time was giving a presentation that day. Mike shared his valuable years of experience working as a franchisee for the previous 5 years or so. During this time he and Lissa started the Service Centre from a green field site to a thriving business punching above its weight at that time.

Mike gave me great insight into the business model and what the business was like to run on a day to day basis. I liked most of all the best practice approach that the company takes in everything that they do, and it gave me confidence in the brand and the business. Very importantly to have the founder Michael Paul still so involved in the business after 20 years since the first Service Centre in Parramatta was opened spoke volumes to me from the perspective of a business that was well placed to grow, adapt and endure into the future.

I started looking into the opportunity initially with two friends. I was to start up the first franchise, and then if the opportunity was suitable they would open their own. I was advised of the turnkey opportunity in Surry Hills with PACK & SEND.

The franchise model had already lived up to my expectations after speaking with Mike at the Franchise Expo, so I went for it. I opened the doors of my first franchise in September 2013 and within 6 months, my close friend Heather had purchased her own PACK & SEND in Southport.

I enjoy being able to shape my day and provide the best customer solutions in my own way. Being able to work in my business and build it and getting the satisfaction of knowing, it was my hard work that has developed it. I enjoy exceeding customer expectations and getting that ‘kick’ from being able to get things done that other companies wouldn’t or couldn’t achieve.

Having the systems PACK & SEND provide has helped us to grow our business and enabled us to be competitive in an ever-growing market.

I enjoyed the business so much that when another turnkey opportunity in Burwood came up, it was an easy decision. My sister Tania was keen to be a business partner and run the Burwood Service Centre. Tania has previous experience and knowledge in account keeping and customer care, so together we run a tight ship when it comes to servicing our customers. We are constantly working together to get the job done! We have also had the benefit of employing relatives in the businesses over the years which has been a much enjoyed bonus for us. My children, Tania’s husband & children our niece and some long standing friends have all worked with us and helped us strengthen the business along the way.

What has helped us to be able to do this easily has been the continuous development in technology and systems, which enables us to keep doing what we do best - servicing our customers from everyday consumers through to small businesses and corporate clients. PACK & SEND’s systems enable us to have visibility across both stores, so if we need to focus our time in one area, we can adjust in the moment and do so from anywhere with a phone/data connection. This agility and flexibility are so valuable to us.

Having the systems that PACK & SEND provide has helped us to grow our business and enabled us to be competitive in an ever-growing market. We have grown so much over the years, we now employ three full time staff members to help to us provide 5-star service to all our customers.

Looking at how the business has evolved; the business model is a credit to the franchisor and the forward-thinking employees within the company. New technology is always evolving and PACK & SEND are at the forefront of the industry. I feel excited to see what the future holds and to see my business grow even further.

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