PACK & SEND Melbourne City - Flinders Street Service Centre
Franchise OwnersScott & Michelle Ramsey
Ground Floor, 452 Flinders St., MELBOURNE, VIC, 3000

PACK & SEND Melbourne City - Flinders Street in Victoria provides total courier and freight delivery services and complete packaging solutions for customers in and around Melbourne.

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Ready to Send - Packed & Less then 30kg READY TO SEND - Packed & Less Than 30kg

Larger Goods - Freight & Items Over 30kg LARGER GOODS - Freight & Items Over 30kg

Unpacked Goods - or Fragile / Valuable Items UNPACKED GOODS - or Fragile / Valuable Items

Excess Baggage - Luggage or Personal Effects EXCESS BAGGAGE - Luggage or Personal Effects

Regulars Senders REGULAR SENDER - Parcels & Freight

You can drop off your goods at our Service Centre or we can pick up from your door - it's your choice. There are No Limits to the solutions we can provide for you.

Our freight solutions include domestic, international and import deliveries. We have the resources and expertise to deliver to (and pick up from) virtually any location in the world - at a competitive price.

Our Service Centre is the right choice when it comes to packing and delivering anything, including:

  • We are the number 1 choice for eBay packing, posting, courier and shipping services.
  • Computers and electronic equipment requiring specialised transportation.
  • Valuable artworks and antiques that should only be handled with our couriers' professional, personal care.
  • Excess baggage for international travellers needing to send personal effects overseas.
  • Furniture removals for small jobs comprising of only a few items.

PACK & SEND's services extend to complete packing and freight solutions for businesses. Whether you represent a Blue-chip corporation, government department, private firm or a start-up small business, contact us to see why we are the leading experts in customised freight solutions.

Contact PACK & SEND Melbourne City - Flinders Street service centre in Melbourne now to get a quote for all your packing and shipping needs.

What they're saying about our services

23 reviews
Snoopard Doggett
8 months ago
After being suggested by some friends, i decided to try "Pack & Send". The night before, I went on their website and after inputing box dimensions, weight, value etc... I was presented with a $45 price which was pretty good and was happy to pay that amount. The morning when i arrive in the store - the guy in the store, first of all, welcomed me in the most disgusting way, after I said morning' he goes, with the voice of someone who smoke 2 packs a day "what do you want mate?!". After all that, I gave him the 3 packages I had and told him where they are intended to go. He put them on the scale, asked some questions, did something on the computer and goes that's going to be $195 - I asked if that was for all 3 and he replied "no, for each package". Told him that there must be a mistake and that i was on their website and it said $45 plus i opened the website and re-did everything in-front of him and it was the same amount $45. He gave me some bulls#It as to why the price is that much, and when i said i'm going to Australian Post, he tried to convince me that "Pack & Send" is better and i shouldn't use AU post and was telling me that they charge the same amount as "Pack & Send" if not more... When I got to AU post, after checking their website it said that it would cost me $80 per package and was prepared to pay that. When it came to paying the lady told me total for all 3 packages is $103 - After i paid, i asked the lady "how come it's so cheap when online it says around $80 for 1 box?" to which she replied, that is the price if the package weight has reached max allowed weight of 5kg, and my packages were around 350g each. I would NOT recommend Pack & Send to anyone and would highly suggest looking into other options when it comes to shipping things overseas.
Cloud Sibley
8 months ago
please pack me away
Richard Bean
Fantastic service - I was bolting for the airport and need something fragile wrapped up with no time to spare. Done on the spot. Perfect! Thank you.
Pat C
Alexander Marie-Louise
Kerrianne Singleton
Fantastic service, always on time and excellent communication especially Rose
Ranetta Higgs
I can't thank Rose enough for her help with sending off my UK Visa documents. I called and enquired about sending my parcel off to a PO Box in the UK as most couriers won't send a parcel to a PO Box but not with Rose, she was extremely helpful and assuring that I could send my documents off with no problems. I went straight into the shop on Flinders Street and she knew who I was as soon as introduced myself. Rose was so professional and and her customer service was outstanding! Rose sent off my documents to the UK and made the process less stressful as my documents needed to be in the UK within 20 days off applying for my visa. She even contacted me and reassured me that my documents had arrived in the UK a week later. I highly recommend using them for any parcels you need sending overseas.
Marco C
AVOID. Went for buying a bike box and this people have the courage to ask $75 dollars for the card box itself only. And If you want to send the bike thru their service from Melbourne to WA Perth asking $550 and this does not include insurance. Thief
Angela Han
Really bad service. We exceeded the estimated amount to send interstate last minute. My bad not being able to get an updated quote for the actual amount cuz we finished packing last minute and the final delivery fee exceeded our budget by two times in the end. I was actually being a little stupid and got confused about their service with a removalist(speed wise it’s not much of a difference). I called the company on the scheduled day for pick-up and they told me they will have to give me a quote after they see the goods as I was not being able to give the dimensions of the two pieces of furniture and I didn’t have the tools to measure them at the time of the phone call. But friendly advice: for anyone thinking of sending furnitures and packed goods interstate, they are way(~twice) more expensive than any standard removal/freight service. I paid 2500 for twenty 43*43*62mm boxes(ard 15kg each on average), one office chair, one outdoor unit, one golf club set and an arm chair to be delivered to my Sydney apartment. But today I was contacted by TNT(I thought P&S has their own transport service, again nobody told me my goods were sent by another courier company. I may as well contact TNT myself). TNT told me 1. the delivery address left to them was not correct 2. I was supposed to be given a tracking number but it never happened. Pack and send did not even send me a digital invoice which I asked for after they have already deducted the money from my account. TNT said they will call me for the expected delivery time. Later today, Rose called from Pack and Send and suggested that TNT can only send one driver for the delivery and we will have to pay an extra fee for delivery to my apartment unless someone “help” the driver for the delivery. I told her: 1. We paid for a door-to-door delivery service 2. The problem should be between P&S and TNT and 3. Neither me nor my dad would be physically fit enough to carry furnitures/boxes. I haven’t experienced any customer service as bad as this one ever. She said” Yes, you paid but you didn’t buy us””We didn’t expect so much goods to be delivered”. First of all, I informed them there will be way more goods than we originally discussed(and gave them the number and description) BEFORE they picked up the goods. They could have told me they can’t do the job at the time. Secondly, they arranged delivery from Melbourne to Sydney after packing and deduction of the total from my account. The price for the service is for a “door-to-door delivery” and I expected nothing more and nothing less. I do not appreciate the amount of sarcasm in her response. I made an analogy saying if I paid for Auspost courier service they would have sent it to my door. She was like”Auspost wouldn’t have sent these things for you” and I told her I think they will and she went”Well, are you sure??Do you want me to ask them for you?”. Again, I found the lady extremely rude. I asked her how much “help” do we need to offer and she replied” I was just told by TNT to tell you this, that’s all”. She got very impatient in the end and wanted to hang up the phone “You just think about it and give me a call tmr” she said. But it was just around 5:15 whereas they close at 5:30. Anyways, good luck with ur business with an attitude like this.
Annabelle Taylor
Missed put on sending Valentine's Day flowers since all delivery florests in Melbourne were behind. Pack and Send went and picked up an affordable bunch for me and delivered them when they said they would. I am so delighted with that service, I would recommend them to everyone!
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