Home Schooling & Play Equipment Courier Service

Millions of families are adapting to the new normal of isolating at home. Keeping children at home all the time has brought new challenges for parents who have no choice but to home school and entertain their kids in the safety of their house or apartment. Understandably, most households were not prepared for this and many are finding a need to aquire a range of things to help them educate and entertain their kids within the home. PACK & SEND remains open for business, and we've been busy providing delivery services to help make the transition to home schooling easier by providing the following contactless delivery services:

  • Home School Furniture such as desks, tables, chairs, whiteboards, blackboards and Easel
  • Electronic Devices such as computers, tablets, webcams, routers, printers, headsets and peripherals (Yes, we can send devices containing lithium batteries)  
  • Home school supplies such as stationery, notebooks, paper & consumables
  • Childrens Play Equipment for indoor and outdoor play such as swing sets, cubby house, climbing equipment and slides

PACK & SEND can personally assist with any deliveries to and from your doorstep while you are isolating at home. We are here to provide a range of unique solutions during these unprecedented times. We can provide contactless pick and delivery that complies with social distancing measures.

How do I get a quote for Personalised Shipping Assistance? 
Call us on 1300 668 000, press 1, then enter the postcode of where you want your goods picked up from. You'll be connected to the local PACK & SEND team to discuss your needs and get a customised quote. Please let us know upfront if you or someone at the pickup or delivery address is in forced coronavirus quarantine.

The health and safety of our team members and customers is paramount. We are taking all necessary health and safety measures to ensure your shipments can be picked up, packed and delivered, safely and securely as always – with zero compromise on the well-being of all parties.

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