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PACK & SEND and Ankalia Textiles - The Perfect Fit!

What is Ankalia Textiles?

Ankalia Textiles is a business dedicated to creating Australian-made baby carriers. They specialise in woven wraps and ring slings, and also produce structured baby carriers and accessories.

An Ankalia baby sling or carrier is designed to be an effective parenting tool in your day to day life. They allow you to get basic tasks done while keeping your baby or toddler close.

“As parents ourselves, we understand the bond that baby-wearing products can foster between a parent and child, so we wanted to create a range that would support this experience.” - Kellie Rakich

Ankalia Textiles was recently awarded the 2017 Telstra Tasmanian New Business Award.

Who are the people behind Ankalia Textiles?

Kellie and Alex of AnkaliaKellie Rakich from Tasmania and Alex Lyons from Queensland!

The two mothers met on an online forum and upon discovering similar passions and goals, they set up Ankalia Textiles. They only met each other in person 12 months later! From opposite ends of the country, they have been working together to create stylish yet practical baby wearing products.

Business is booming and Ankalia Textiles not only has customers in Australia, but also in Norway, Canada, America, Malaysia, New Zealand and more! They have created a beautiful community around the world fostering connections between caregivers everywhere.

What makes Ankalia Textiles special?

Ankalia Textiles proudly designs, weaves, and hand finishes their products locally in Australia.

All their fabrics are made in an ethical manner. Their designs are hand sketched by local artisans, and their trade and skill are transformed into fabrics and buckle carriers designed to embrace babies in the best possible way.

They also aim to reduce their carbon footprint by only providing recyclable and minimal packaging and postage options.

Why does Ankalia Textiles love PACK & SEND?

Ankalia loves PACK & SENDHaving a work-life balance is very important for Alex and Kellie and they don’t want to miss out on spending valuable time with their kids and families. With PACK & SEND, they can easily process their shipping orders online and receive same day or next day pick up. The staff at their local PACK & SEND Service Centres are friendly, helpful and always available.

“PACK & SEND has been with us from the beginning… their services which are fast, convenient and reliable are the perfect fit for us.” – Alex Lyons

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