PACK & SEND announces strong first quarter sales results


PACK & SEND announces strong first quarter sales results


Leading parcel and freight reseller PACK & SEND International has posted a 12% ‘same-store’ sales growth in the first quarter of this financial year and is on track for the brand to reach $64 million in annual sales, CEO and founder Michael Paul announced at last weekend’s National Conference for its franchisees.

PACK & SEND CEO and Founder, Michael Paul, interviewed by Nichole Livingstone

Interviewed by former champion Olympic swimmer and media presenter Nicole Livingstone, Paul said that the increased sales had translated into substantial profits for PACK & SEND franchisees.

“We’ve stripped out a lot of costs in our franchisee businesses due to our investment in a proprietary Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Our POS technology (known as GMx) has not only improved customer service, but has also automated a lot of operational functions, allowing franchisees in some cases to more than triple sales revenue on their existing labour cost base” Paul said.

When asked by Livingstone as to how PACK & SEND is achieving strong sales growth in relatively tough economic times, Paul said the company had always done its best to invest early and stay ahead of the game when it comes to market trends and that’s resulted in a very strong business model.

“Over the last few years we have been undergoing a digital transformation of the business. It’s placed a major focus on how we should engage with our customers - with technology on our side. Our technology investment in recent years has not only set us up for strong growth today but also enables us to be agile, flexible and ready to grow substantially in the future”.

The current growth certainly shows no signs of stopping with some of the future developments announced by Paul at the Conference.

“Our recently launched ecommerce shipping technology (known as PACK & SEND Live) targets a new and high growth market of regular sender customers for our franchisees. The system integrates with a wide range of shopping cart platforms and lets the customer create consignments, labels and manifests directly from their premises for carrier collection and delivery. Initial uptake from customers is very strong and we expect this to provide a very strong residual income stream for our franchisees in the future” says Paul.

Other developments announced include a significant technology investment in rolling out a 3PL fulfillment solution across PACK & SEND’s national network.
Paul said that ecommerce has resulted in the growth of SME’s requiring a flexible and cost-effective solution of PACK & SEND Service Centres holding customers stock and providing a pick, pack and delivery service.

“More and more online sellers want their stock positioned as close as possible to their customers, in order to provide a quicker delivery. Our technology investment will provide that, as well as giving customers visibility of their inventory in real time across the PACK & SEND network, the capability to transfer stock between PACK & SEND locations and optimised order processing”.

Paul predicted that fulfilment services for SME’s is likely to be a significant proportion of PACK & SEND’s revenue in the future. “In looking at trends, you have to predict as best as you can where businesses will spend their money in the future. In my mind, fulfilment services for SME’s will be in very high demand in the future and we are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of ecommerce fulfilment for SME’s”.

“The outlook for the brand is very positive with our transition to a technology-enabled logistics company, which has resulted in more PACK & SEND franchise stores opening and an increase in existing franchisees purchasing their second and third stores as multi-unit owners” Paul said.

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