Can you hear that sweet tune?


Can you hear that sweet tune?


Gather your parcels and follow the Pied Piper to PACK & SEND!

In celebration of our 20th anniversary and a decade of rapid growth, we’re excited to share with you our new PACK & SEND TVC, the headline act in a wider brand campaign that builds on our goal to be the first choice for sending ‘anything, anywhere’.

The TVC pays homage to the much-loved Pied Piper fairytale, inviting the viewer to follow a quirky flautist who needs to send his flute. During his journey the tune from the flute attracts the attention of others carrying a range of goods, who are drawn out of their homes, shops and offices and compelled to join him. Together they converge on PACK & SEND as their first choice to deliver their items.

From musical instruments to artwork, sporting goods, business files and even luggage, the range of goods that feature in our TVC demonstrate our ‘no limits’ philosophy. Our network of courier, freight and postal services, combined with our flexible ordering, packing and pick-up options, mean our customers can literally send anything, anywhere.

We really enjoyed being part of the creative process from beginning to end. Working with Sydney agency Big River Creative and producers Conti Bros Films, we relished the opportunity to experience the magic of TV and had a great time in the studio against the green screen! Check out some behind the scenes PACK & SEND photographs below.

Click on the link TVC to check it out. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. Our friendly retail service centre teams look forward to helping you PACK & SEND something special soon!

Bye for now

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