PACK & SEND and Kate Owen Gallery – A Picture-Perfect Partnership!

Great Australian Art meets Great Australian Service

Kate Owen Gallery is a PACK & SEND customer and award winning art gallery in Sydney’s Inner West. They specialise in contemporary Indigenous art.

The gallery showcases and sells artworks ranging from small works to large pieces, featuring major exhibitions of indigenous masters, established artists and exciting new talent.

Whenever an artwork is sold by Kate Owen Gallery and the client requires delivery, gallery owner Geoff Henderson trusts and recommends only PACK & SEND to safely deliver to his clients, whether they be across town, around Australia or quite literally anywhere in the world. 

Des Papac, the local Franchisee for PACK & SEND Balmain, and his team take care of every detail and every step along the way to ensure safe delivery of each one-of-a-kind, precious piece of art to the client. From pick up, to bespoke packing (no matter how big or small the artwork) to shipping with specialist carriers.

Supporting and Nurturing Contemporary Indigenous Artists

Kate Owen Gallery runs a very special artist studio in Alice Springs where indigenous artists can come from far and wide to produce the magnificent art that you find only in their gallery. About 60 or 70 percent of the art in Kate Owen Gallery comes from that studio.

Working with around 150 different indigenous artists, the Kate Owen Gallery studio provides the paint and the linen for the artists and ensures they're in a safe and comfortable place where they can just focus on expressing their beautiful traditional stories, some of which date back as far as 60,000 years.

One particular artist that they have a very special relationship with is Dulcie Long Pula.  Interestingly, KOG has worked with Dolcie's mother Jeannie Petyarre since 2008 when they first opened the stuido in Alice Springs. 

Once each artwork is finished, it then is shipped from the studio and delivered to KOG in Sydney where it is showcased and sold to clientele from around the globe.

Happy Clientele from All over the World

KOG customers come from all over the world, but  according to owner Geoff Henderson,  international customers are predominantly from Europe and America, ”although I have sent work to Israel and South America and places like Greenland and Iceland. and I must say too, never had one problem with their art arriving safely and in a beautiful condition.”

Working End-to-End, from Artist to Consumer

For Kate Owen Gallery, the choice to work with PACK & SEND was a very natural one.

“PACK & SEND from a service point of view is fantastic for the gallery. Why? Because it makes it easy for us, it's a great solution, not only for us as a gallerist though, and what's really really important is for our clients.

From a service point of view PACK & SEND offers a real end-to-end product. Very easy for us. We simply make a call to Des and his team, they come, they collect the works from us and hey presto and a few days later those works are delivered to our clients.

It’s very, very important to us the care that PACK & SEND show when they're packing those works, and also the great client interface that they carry on from us through to the delivery of those artworks.

We know that when that artwork leaves our gallery, that it's in safe hands. That's enormously important, but also to our customers, many of them are extremely nervous about the transport of these very very valuable artworks whether it's from Rozelle to Manly or whether it's from Rozelle to the United Kingdom or to China or to the USA, so it really helps us to be able to assure our clients that those artworks are going to be in the best hands possible.

Underpinning everything that Des and the team do at PACK & SEND is this fantastic can-do attitude. The great service provided, the solutions always solutions oriented. A lot of businesses that we deal with as a gallerist our problem orientated.

PACK & SEND are solution orientated, and I know with PACK & SEND that the customer can rely on them. I can rely on PACK & SEND so that's fantastic. Good personal interaction, good personal service and that really defines PACK & SEND versus other shipping companies in my experience.”

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