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If you sell items online or through auction sites such as eBay, why not add our free Online Postage Calculator to your website or listings? Boost your sales by allowing your customers from Australia or overseas to check how much the shipping cost for any listed item will be.

Our Online Postage Calculator provides 'real time' price quotes for our Online Self-Service parcel delivery solutions, saving you time in responding to customer queries. It calculates prices for both domestic and international parcel deliveries, booked through the Online Self-Service system.

How to Include the Postage Calculator in Your eBay Listing or Website

To get started you don't need any developer experience - just follow the steps below.

Getting Started

  1. Register as a PowerSender.
  2. Log into PowerSender and select the Tools tab.
  3. Enter the details of the packed good you are selling, along with any options that you want to set.
  4. Click the button Build Calculator. A calculator will appear on the screen and you can test the calculator before inserting it into your eBay listing or website.
  5. To insert your calculator into your eBay listing or website, simply follow the instructions of copying the HTML code provided and insert it into the HTML of your listing/website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Online Postage Calculator offer my customers a range of parcel delivery solutions?
Yes. Our postage calculator has the option to list a range of Budget, Standard and Premium services with different transit times and prices for both domestic and overseas locations. You can choose to build a calculator to display one or more service options for your customers.

Can I add my own 'handling cost' in the automatically calculated parcel delivery cost that is quoted to my customers?
Yes. Our postage calculator gives you the option to include your handling and packing costs within the quoted displayed price. The handling costs are not displayed to buyers separately, but are included in the total parcel delivery cost.

Are the prices quoted on the Online Postage Calculator accurate?
Yes. However, please keep in mind that the postage cost is automatically calculated based on the package weight and dimensions you specify, and on the buyers location. Therefore, it's important to specify the accurate weight and dimensions for the package (taking into account the weight of the item, box and any packing materials).

Need Help?

For assistance inserting your Online Postage Calculator into your eBay listing or website or for more information, please contact the PowerSender Support Team on (02) 9822 5622 or email us at

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