Batch Shipping with PowerSender

Batch Shipping is a faster, more convenient online self-service booking method for sending multiple parcels. It provides a more efficient way to book, pay, print labels and send multiple items on the same day.

It includes features such as:

  • Streamline your parcel shipping process by entering multiple shipments in one batch
  • Automated Service selection saves time in creating shipments
  •  Consolidated document and label printing.
  • Make a single payment for multiple shipments

The benefits of the system include being able to save significant processing time, enabling you to send your customer shipments faster and with less hassle.

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Batch Shipping FAQs:

Anyone can take advantage of the benefits of Batch Shipping. The only requirements are you need to register as a PowerSender first, and be logged in to your account.

No, the same limitations and exclusions apply. Before completing a Batch booking you will be required to declare that you are not sending any Dangerous Goods or Online Self-Service Prohibited Goods, and that everything is packed in accordance with the Online Self-Service packaging guidelines and standards.

No, we currently do not offer a shipment file upload facility. Each shipment needs to be entered individually in the batch shipping tool. Once all shipments have been entered, you can book and pay for them in one go.

Pro tip - It is possible to import receiver addresses via CSV file into your PowerSender address book in advance. Doing this will save you the effort of manually entering each receiver address in the batch shipping form. You can simply select them from your address book in the Batch Shipping Entry form

Unfortunately due to additional complexities and documentation requirements for international shipments, the batch shipping tool currently only works for parcels being sent within Australia. You can still book international shipments using the standard Online Self-Service booking interface:

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