What Can I Send through Online Self-Service?

There are No Limits at PACK & SEND and you can choose the level of service that meets your needs - either our Retail Service Centres or the automated Online Self-Service system.

However, some items cannot be sent through the Online Self-Service - as they are not compatible with our automated 'Do-it-yourself' system.

Below you will also find a quick reference guide as to what can and cannot be sent through our Online Self-Service system and Service Centres.

Pre-packed Boxes and Satchels

Examples include Online Self-Service Service Centre




Parcels booked online must:

  • be properly packed
  • weigh less than 30Kg
  • be smaller than 1.0 cubic metre.
  • have contents with a value less than $3,000
  • not contain
    Prohibited Online Goods.



Service Centres can handle:

  • both packed and unpacked goods (we can professionally package)
  • goods of any weight or size
  • goods of any value
  • the acceptance of almost all types of goods



Other Types of Goods
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