PACK & SEND Tullamarine Service Centre
Franchise OwnersArslan Aleem
201A Melrose Drive, TULLAMARINE, VIC, 3043

PACK & SEND Tullamarine in Victoria provides total courier and freight delivery services and complete packaging solutions for customers in and around Tullamarine.

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Ready to Send - Packed & Less then 30kg READY TO SEND - Packed & Less Than 30kg

Larger Goods - Freight & Items Over 30kg LARGER GOODS - Freight & Items Over 30kg

Unpacked Goods - or Fragile / Valuable Items UNPACKED GOODS - or Fragile / Valuable Items

Excess Baggage - Luggage or Personal Effects EXCESS BAGGAGE - Luggage or Personal Effects

Regulars Senders REGULAR SENDER - Parcels & Freight

You can drop off your goods at our Service Centre or we can pick up from your door - it's your choice. There are No Limits to the solutions we can provide for you.

Our freight solutions include domestic, international and import deliveries. We have the resources and expertise to deliver to (and pick up from) virtually any location in the world - at a competitive price.

Our Service Centre is the right choice when it comes to packing and delivering anything, including:

  • We are the number 1 choice for eBay packing, posting, courier and shipping services.
  • Computers and electronic equipment requiring specialised transportation.
  • Valuable artworks and antiques that should only be handled with our couriers' professional, personal care.
  • Excess baggage for international travellers needing to send personal effects overseas.
  • Furniture removals for small jobs comprising of only a few items.

PACK & SEND's services extend to complete packing and freight solutions for businesses. Whether you represent a Blue-chip corporation, government department, private firm or a start-up small business, contact us to see why we are the leading experts in customised freight solutions.

Contact PACK & SEND Tullamarine service centre in Tullamarine now to get a quote for all your packing and shipping needs.

What they're saying about our services

19 reviews
Siva Rama Bhushan Madduri
Great customer service and follow through till delivery. Great packing job and receiver is happy because of you. 5 stars!
Dave Id
20 days ago
Was served by a lovely lady, who went above and beyond to help me send a pair of skis to the states affordably.
Daniel Kozulins
24 days ago
A blind man with no arms could do a better job of "packing and sending" your item. My Laptop was sent from this store to Norway rattling around in a box with 1 layer of bubble wrap. Obviously the screen was shattered. When I was asked by Greg the manager if I had insurance I told him no, I didnt get a reply to my following email. Even if i had insurance I wouldn't have been happy paying the excess as the damage was caused by his gross negligence.
Ethan Jones
7 months ago
Good service. Happy customer.
Sarah Balu
8 months ago
Rami Haddad
10 months ago
I hope to working with 🎀
Rami Haddad
10 months ago
I hope to working with 🎀
Operations (Solar Panel Options)
11 months ago
Can't recommend Greg and the team high enough. Great service and Greg certainly has helped me out with a few urgent deliveries.
I Sent a parcel overseas and paid $300 for the package to never arrived as the customs documentation was filled out wrong, I called them up and they agreed that they made a mistake and that I would need to come in to pick it up, I asked one of the workers to send it back and she charged me the same price I was expecting that they would send it fro free or to get a discount , I requested to talk to the manger and I asked fro my refund as they are the consequence of this issue , he said he would not give me my refund as he “pays too much taxes” to send the item, after all, that I felt like I was robed . Would never come back or use your service as they take advantage of there costumers.
Luisa Fernanda
If you are looking for a business that doesn't own up to there mistakes, this is the perfect place to come. Was unhappy to know that thanks to Pack and Send fault that my parcel was sent back to Australia because they wrote on the parcel that it was a damaged goods and China don't accept damaged goods into the there country, isn't it your responsibility to know that ? Your job is to “send packages safe and fast “ but after all that you didn't inform me that my parcel was sent back, I had to find that out myself and wasted my money and time having that parcel wait in the Tullamarine or a week. they even told me that they would try to solve the problem and would call me that same day ( in which you didn't), after all, I had to come back to you guys to find out that you won't accept your mistake and won't give back my money or send the parcel back. That same day I send it with DHL and saved $150 and was received in 3 days. Thanks for wasting my time and money. Will never come back to a place that won't fix there own problems.
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