PACK & SEND Coburg Service Centre
Franchise OwnersDerek Manley
300-304 Sydney Road, COBURG, VIC, 3058

PACK & SEND Coburg in Victoria provides total courier, freight, packaging and ecommerce fulfillment services for customers in and around Coburg.

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Ready to Send - Packed & Less then 30kg READY TO SEND - Packed & Less Than 30kg

Larger Goods - Freight & Items Over 30kg LARGER GOODS - Freight & Items Over 30kg

Unpacked Goods - or Fragile / Valuable Items UNPACKED GOODS - or Fragile / Valuable Items

Excess Baggage - Luggage or Personal Effects EXCESS BAGGAGE - Luggage or Personal Effects

Regulars Senders REGULAR SENDER - Parcels & Freight

You can drop off your goods at our Service Centre or we can pick up from your door - it's your choice. There are No Limits to the solutions we can provide for you.

Our freight solutions include domestic, international and import deliveries. We have the resources and expertise to deliver to (and pick up from) virtually any location in the world - at a competitive price.

Our Service Centre will save you time, trouble and money when sending anything, anywhere, including:

  • Leading-edge shipping technology and fulfillment services for ecommerce sellers.
  • Regular sender solutions designed to meet specific logistics needs for businesses of all sizes - from start-up to enterprise.
  • Computers and electronic equipment requiring specialised transportation.
  • Valuable artworks and antiques that should only be handled with our couriers' professional, personal care.
  • Excess baggage for international travellers needing to send personal effects overseas.
  • Furniture removals for moving smaller loads of office equipment or personal household goods.

Whether you are a consumer, Blue-chip corporation, government department, private firm or a start-up small business, contact us to see why we are the leading experts in customised parcel and freight delivery solutions.

Contact PACK & SEND Coburg service centre in Coburg now to get a quote for all your packing and shipping needs.

What they're saying about our services

37 reviews
Erin Smith
I definitely did not find this branch friendly and professional. Disgusted by the staff's attitude. Stay away
Sam Blomley
EXTREMELY professional.
Muhammad Usama
2 days ago
Terrible customer service, worst ever experience, stay away from this branch if you don't want to spoil your mood. Grey-haired man on the counter is very rude, arrogant and unprofessional. I went to book a small 3 kg parcel yesterday between 4:30 to 5 pm as I placed my items on the counter, a staff member told me that I should have come around 4:30 pm for this kind of a job and he is currently busy at the moment. Although, the business hours on google show open from 8:30 pm to 5:30 pm on Wednesday but be mindful this branch/franchise stops working at 4:30 pm so don't bother going after that time. After typing a few words on the keyboard to ensure I see him busy which he was not, he started to re-arrange the items in the box that I had packed. At the start, I thought he wanted the items to be arranged in a certain way which some way would help in shipping but actually, he was finding a way to discard the box which was perfectly fine (booked all items in the same box later through Tullamarine branch). A few moments later, he brought a new box with greater dimensions from the back and started to arrange the items in it. I asked him to drop all the items in the new box first ( significantly larger than the requirement) to weigh and get a new estimate of shipment to help me decide if I want to go ahead with the booking but he arrogantly ignored and asked me to wait for him to set the items first. After wasting 10 mins in arranging the items while continuously whinging about how bad the other box was and attempting to belittling me with his self proclaimed packing skills which were no different to how I had packed the items, he gave me an estimate of $199 that initially was $159 with the other box. Releasing how this guy was manipulating to send the items in a larger than required box I told him that I am not interested to send. Enraged with my response he started throwing the items out into the other box that I brought with myself. Releasing he would damage them, therefore, I told him that I would do it myself. Feeling the pain of his bruised self arrogance he asked me to leave the store while his colleague with the glasses, sitting in the back office witnessed all of this. The pity on his face compels me to believe that he wanted to stop him but not sure why he did not say anything. Anyways, I left the place, went straight to the Tullamarine branch where friendly a staff member Arsalan booked my parcel for $159 in no time, more importantly, in the same box that this rude guy had discarded. Anyways, customer service is not for the demented, never experienced this kind of behavior before. Will never go back nor do I recommend anyone - Stay clear go somewhere professional.
Ann DG
9 days ago
I have used this Pack and send office a few times, especially when I needed to send some important legal documents overseas and they never disappointed. My documents reached their destination in less than a week during the pandemic. Friendly and professional staff, I recommend their service.
Curly Fries
29 days ago
Alecia Thompson
a month ago
Hi Derek, I received our coffee table today in excellent condition (great packaging). I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and help with organising the whole process. Much appreciated.
Suman Khadka
2 months ago
This company lives upto its name, very fast and excellent service. I got my road bike from Burnswick VIC, they picked it from store and sent it to sydney. Just arrived in 1 day. My sincere thanks to team members especially Derek Manley. Keep it up guys.
bodoc Massage&Movement
2 months ago
Brilliant, friendly, affordable and efficient service Already had all my details saved and ready to go from a prior phone call when I dropped the item off Have used this service several times and will continue to do so - never disappointed and never an issue
Nancy Lam
2 months ago
Recently organized (from Germany) to have a drum kit shipped over. I had many questions and Derek clarified everything I wanted to know patiently and with good advice. The kit was picked up, packed and delivered efficiently and in perfect condition. I really appreciated the photo they sent to me after they packed it, which assisted in dealing with German customs. The kit was packed secure and better than I expected. I am very pleased!! Thanks Derek and Co.!
Garima Thapa
5 months ago
I definately did not find this branch friendly. I went to collect my parcel this at around 4-5pm today as I wasn't home at the time of delivery. Maybe the person who served me for was having a bad day and was frustrated. I don't know. But, the way he spoke to me wasn't professional at all. I work in customer service as well and I do understand that it is not easy to smile and be positive all the time. But, the least that someone can do is be polite.
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