PACK & SEND Cheltenham Service Centre
Franchise OwnersIan & Claire Lister
281 Charman Road, CHELTENHAM, VIC, 3192

PACK & SEND Cheltenham in Victoria provides total courier and freight delivery services and complete packaging solutions for customers in and around Cheltenham.

You can drop off your goods at our Service Centre or we can pick up from your door - it's your choice. There are No Limits to the solutions we can provide for you.

Our freight solutions include domestic, international and import deliveries. We have the resources and expertise to deliver to (and pick up from) virtually any location in the world - at a competitive price.

Our Service Centre is the right choice when it comes to packing and delivering anything, including:

  • We are the number 1 choice for eBay packing, posting, courier and shipping services.
  • Computers and electronic equipment requiring specialised transportation.
  • Valuable artworks and antiques that should only be handled with our couriers' professional, personal care.
  • Excess baggage for international travellers needing to send personal effects overseas.
  • Furniture removals for small jobs comprising of only a few items.

PACK & SEND's services extend to complete packing and freight solutions for businesses. Whether you represent a Blue-chip corporation, government department, private firm or a start-up small business, contact us to see why we are the leading experts in customised freight solutions.

Contact PACK & SEND Cheltenham service centre in Cheltenham now to get a quote for all your packing and shipping needs.

What they're saying about our services

10 reviews
Pene R
2 months ago
Ian is very helpful and his advice is sound in relation to countries receiving goods.
Alison V
3 months ago
Book next courier pick up Not next day pick up. Just excuses given blaming the 3rd party courier company. Should have just used Aust Post
Ryan Arnold
3 months ago
Extremely polite and helpful. Old fashioned service. Really impressed with my experience. Package arrived perfectly and he went to huge to help.
PRiSM Visual Production
4 months ago
Change your opening times, dont just scratch off the 3 on the opening hours on the door in and close at 5 instead of 5:30 And having said that, close at 5, not 4:50! Grrrrr very frustrated, thanks for wasting my time!
Shane Diiorio
6 months ago
Got a quote over the phone which was exactly the same price I paid when I went in. Items are well packaged and delivered extremely fast. I use this shop to send guitars out and so far so good! Thanks Ian.
Jenni Danson
8 months ago
Ian was efficient and professional. Everything, including fragile glass and paintings, arrived in UK safely and quickly. Thank you
Michael Pemberton
8 months ago
Ian provides just the best service, I ship Worldwide and I get the quality and service I need. Mike Pemberton 'Space and Aviation Firsts'.
Muhammet Ali Izmirli
Atrocious experience and outcome. Visited their office to discuss sending 1m3 shipment to Turkey (books; clothes; files. NO electronics nor food. Simple household items only). Quoted $770 for the shipment. When enquired as to additional costs at destination, advised "should be between $200-$300, so went ahead and purchased 8 boxes (50cmx50cmx50cm); tape; and stanley knife ($117). Spent 2-3 days of sweat and hard work packing all the boxes in the right manner and making the packing list. Once all done, advised that destination charges will mount to circa $1,000!! and 'duties' NOT INCLUDED!! Did my own investigations: emailed Turkish agents; Customs etc. The circa $1,000 destination charges was verified, AND found out another $450 USD would be payable re: Customs!! So what was touted at original discussion as circa $1,000 with the fees, turned out to be circa $3,000!! Needless to say, had to cancel our plans for the shipment as not an economically viable proposition. Received a phone call claiming they wished to extend some goodwill and would ship the boxes for $600. I reiterated that items were not even that much and conveyed disappointment at original advice given versus 'reality' after all the packing. They alleged they were "corrupt" in Turkey and attempted to off-load blame in that manner. I stated that he had assured me he had over 15 years experience and even if this was, for some reason, his first dealings in a shipment to Turkey, and if he was not sure as to destination fees being so high when I originally asked, that he should have stated, "Give me a day or two to find out. Don't buy the boxes yet until I confirm" or similar - as that is my opinion of what a professional would, and should, have done. So I asked him to reimburse me for misdirecting me and at least refund what I paid for the boxes/tape/cutter BUT he refused. So he allegedly called me to extend 'goodwill' for what occurred, YET does not even refund boxes etc I would NOT have purchased 'but for' his verbal advice given. What is more, he attempted to dismiss this by saying their written documentation/policies absolves them on this topic. I simply retorted that his 'verbal' words should be just as binding, especially when he knew a customer was buying boxes etc based on his 'words' (NOTE: no written policy/documents were even handed over to read!) In my opinion: that particular store is unreliable (to say the very least) and also should not be attempting to brand people working in Turkey re: international shipments, as "corrupt". They will have to look in the mirror as to how they (mis)handled this situation; caused expense; and days of hard work and sweat to a customer - all for NOTHING!!
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