PACK & SEND Springwood Service Centre
Franchise OwnersTania Heycock
Unit 3, 1-7 Murrajong Road, SPRINGWOOD, QLD, 4127

PACK & SEND Springwood in Queensland provides total courier and freight delivery services and complete packaging solutions for customers in and around Springwood.

You can drop off your goods at our Service Centre or we can pick up from your door - it's your choice. There are No Limits to the solutions we can provide for you.

Our freight solutions include domestic, international and import deliveries. We have the resources and expertise to deliver to (and pick up from) virtually any location in the world - at a competitive price.

Our Service Centre is the right choice when it comes to packing and delivering anything, including:

  • We are the number 1 choice for eBay packing, posting, courier and shipping services.
  • Computers and electronic equipment requiring specialised transportation.
  • Valuable artworks and antiques that should only be handled with our couriers' professional, personal care.
  • Excess baggage for international travellers needing to send personal effects overseas.
  • Furniture removals for small jobs comprising of only a few items.

PACK & SEND's services extend to complete packing and freight solutions for businesses. Whether you represent a Blue-chip corporation, government department, private firm or a start-up small business, contact us to see why we are the leading experts in customised freight solutions.

Contact PACK & SEND Springwood service centre in Springwood now to get a quote for all your packing and shipping needs.

What they're saying about our services

11 reviews
Andrew Martini
18 days ago
Great service packed and sent expensive amp to Melbourne in three days in perfect condition.
Thesteveman Jay
25 days ago
Very helpful and excellent service thanks guys
Kara Ilsley
2 months ago
Melissa Ilsley
2 months ago
Trying to get useful information from these guys is like pulling teeth. Generally unhelpful.
Steve clarke
2 months ago
Brett Wallace
3 months ago
3 months ago
Sent a monitor from QLD to VIC. Packaging was incredible, don't think I could've even done a better job. Did arrive later than expected but that's no fault on their end and startrack is to blame. Would use again!
Amy Heycock
3 months ago
The team where extremely helpful and service was great!
Michael Coca
4 months ago
DO NOT USE! I recently sold a guitar to a friend of mine in perth. We agreed to use pack and send. I went to my local pack n send in springwood and paid for them to pack and ship the guitar, which i had done countless of times before (ive shipped with these guys for a long time and ive been a good customer for them). This time the package arrived in the perth pack n send branch and the guitar's carbon fiber case was heavily damaged. The only thing that was protecting the guitar case was the thin 2 layers of bubble wrap I PUT ON IT! The guitar was freely moving around in the box. The guitar itself was not damaged only thanks to me packing out the guitar inside the case before dropping it off to them. I called Tania and told her the guitar's case received damaged and she quickly told me i did not purchase warranty so i would not be able to make a claim. I told her the guitar was neither lost nor stolen but damaged due to their incompetence and laziness. I told her they did ZERO packing. All they did was box and ship it and made me pay for the packing! This $2000 guitar case is now damaged and my friend expects me (rightfully so) to take responsibility. Even the pack n send representative that received the guitar made mention of how woeful it was that they would send the guitar in this fashion. Tania has tried over and over to dodge responsibility, offering a measly refund for the damage and then later when i mentioned fair trading, $500 as compensation. and I am now in contact with fair trading because i have no other option. When it comes down to it, I PAID for the guitar to be PACKED and boxed. The damaged occurred due to them not doing their job properly, whether or not i purchased warranty is a moot point.
tracie Madsen
5 months ago
Tania was great! Service was easy and quick. Delivery of 4 large boxes safely to Sydney in 24 hours. Price reasonable and will use again. Thank you Tania.
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